Higher sugars/fasting/breakfast

woke up today with a little bit of a bug. Slight headache, postnasal drip and higher sugars (239). I treated with insulin. Am fasting hopefully until it goes below 150. Currently I’m 168 2.5 hours after my humalog. unfortunately, I’m getting hungry. Would you wait another hour or so, see the number, and then eat? Or would you eat a high protein breakfast with very little carb? Interested to hear what other would do.

in general if I’m high I will wait for my sugar levels to go down to a near normal number before eating, otherwise I find it makes it even more difficult to bring the number back down to normal.
But also with breakfast in general I go high so then I would just eat cause either way you going to have to deal with getting the high number back down to normal

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i ended up eating high protein breakfast. # was 154. Feel better. thanks for your feedback.



In general, I avoid eating if I’m hyperglycemic. I use Afrezza in these situations to help bring down the glucose level. Your tactic to use a high protein meal in your case was a good one.

Missing a meal also helps treat an infection. Going for a walk is another tactic that works for me; it helps with the after meal blood sugars, too.

I hope you feel better soon!

If I were hungry, I wouldn’t sweat a 168. I would figure that 40 points washes out in the laundry of a little correction. I don’t like being hungry.

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Depending on how much insulin on board I had, I wouldn’t worry about it. I eat at certain times e/day, especially for dinner, and I just deal w/ whatever my number is. If I knew I had insulin on board, I’d know my numbers would be coming down anyway. If I didn’t have any or much, I’d take extra insulin accordingly (for me maybe 0.25-0.3 units) and try to pre-bolus for longer (e.g. 15 minutes instead of 5 or 10). Like the last commenter said, 40 points can come out in the wash anyway, either way (at least for me).

Does Medicare cover via pharmacy?

I have used it in past, but no insurance coverage from employer plans.

No, I have not found any Medicare Part D Rx plans that cover Afrezza. I only need Afrezza a few times per week or less so it’s not a big expense. My last purchase was a discounted $199 per box of 90 doses (4 unit) from a mail order pharmacy (Eagle Pharmacy, Lakeland, FL) in Florida.