Hmm a few things :

new playlist …
i added a new playlist, and i really like each and every song on there… especially the ‘angels brought me here’ by carrie underwood it is toward the bottom of the list … i love it and it very much explains how i feel about my bestest friend & boyfriend :slight_smile: he is the best everrrrrrr … and ‘my best friend’ by tim mcgraw; is ‘our song’ and its a good one too :slight_smile:


Lantus …
the issue concerning Lantus and the possible connection to cancer - T0TALLY scares the hell out of me , seriously i feel breathless to even think about it - that is what my boyfriend takes; he’s not even been dx as type 1 for even a year yet - it will be a year july 14th - yeah our 4 years and 6 months anniversary … ehh - and Lantus has helped a lot - it is working really well for him … he takes that along with novolin R on a sliding scale of 151-200 is 4 units and for ever 50mg/dL it increases you add 2 unites of novolin R - and he is on a 60g total carbohydrates limit per meal and about 32 for a snack … and its done great - his last A1C was 5.7 … AWESOME ! … so to hear that Lantus might do that really seriously for one makes me angry that he even should have to deal with all this - let alone add something else to worry about … and i havent mentioned this Lantus issue to him yet, but we’ll ask the doctor – and then that it may do that … shew :frowning:

well … listen to my music & hope with everything that Lantus does not have any connection to those issues and health concerns …

:heart: Kara *

thanks! yeah, I am going to talk to the dr when we go back, tis worked great for him.
what was your last A1C and what types / schedule are you on?