Home Design for Diabetics

Hi all,

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about. If money were no object, how would you arrange your domestic space to fit with your diabetes? A couple of thoughts I’ve had: a meter in each of the rooms I spend the most time- I think it would look cool to have it stored in a recessed wall compartment. I hate lugging my meter around! Same thing for a candy jar- why should I have to go downstairs to grab a juice box in the middle of the night? Kitchen with a built-in supersensitive scale. Strip trashcan in multiple rooms. Nice wooden storage area for insulin pump supplies.

Anything else you can think of?

honestly all i need is a proper drawer where i can find everything.

ohh i like your thinking ruth.

If I had unlimited money I’d arrange my house with all the luxuries and comforts and fun things so that I could really relax and enjoy the part of my life when I didn’t have to think about diabetes.

An armchair or couch with a built-in console to hold my diabetes supplies.
A slot in the bathroom counter to drop my used supplies into.
A sharps container in every bathroom.

agreed :slight_smile:

Feng Shui for diabetes - you just found a whole new niche in the home decor market

yeah - a gamer chair with meter built in!

Oooh, I’d like to have a display next to my clock, on my exercise room wall, that showed my CGM numbers. That way, I could easily see where I’m trending, and treat without missing a step. This is also assuming I could afford the CGM device, since I can’t now.

Maybe a computer that automatic reads blood sugar with out having to stick myself:0 ofcoarse if money was no object skip it all and find a cure:)