Honeymoon ending?

Hello all, for the first time since being diagnosed I am experiencing frequent urination and slight soreness in my lower back. When i test I’m still around the 80’s and 90’s even after meals(most meals). Is my honeymoon phase ending? Should I call my endo asap? Opinions welcome!

Ps-i’m eating healthy but could do better and lay off the carbs more…

It’s easy to be concerned that every symptom we feel for the rest of our life could be attributed to diabetes, but If your bg levels are consistent and at healthy levels I suspect those things aren’t related

Ditto. If the BG pre- and postprandial are fine, it's not diabetes.

The urination could simply be because you're drinking alot. I'd start with figuring out why you're doing that. There are all sorts of other reasons having nothing to do with diabetes that can cause pathological thirst.

Agreed, with frequent urination and back pain you might want to check and see if you have a uti (bladder) or kidney infection.

Thank you for all your replies, they all make sense, and you're right once you have a chronic illess its easy to alsways assume the worst. Thanks again!