T1 with Excessive Urination despite Very Good Control

Hi, I am just curious if anyone else experiences a high urine volume per void despite good to excellent blood sugar control. I typically only go five to six times per day, but the urine amount seems excessive. And I only drink about 2500 mL of water/liquids each day.

Can even brief high blood sugar numbers (spikes after meals before insulin has kicked in and/or peaked) cause large volumes of urine? Obviously a question for a medical professional, but just thought I would see if any other T1 is, or has, experienced this.

If your blood sugars after meals peaks above the renal threshold (160-180 mg/dl) you may experience greater excretion and a need to urinate. It isn't that you are drinking a lot it is that your body dumps the glucose and water as a means of getting rid of excess glucose. My bet is that if you adjust your insulin timing and dosing and/or eat lower carb meals you will probably find you void less.

Thank you Brian. Yes, there are times when I take my insulin right at my meal, rather than 15 minutes before as instructed. My BS can go to 190-200 before coming down. Although I was diagnosed with autoimmune T1 seven years ago, I still produce insulin. My primary insulin secretion is faulty and my secondary is still relatively intact. I require very little insulin still (.5-2 units per meal carb depending) because if I take too much novolog, I will tank at the peak time. You bring up an excellent point about eating less carbs. I do much better when I do not exceed 30 carbs in a meal. I am GF. Sure wish I had it in me to go Paleo. Thanks for your kind reply. Best, Melissa

Melissa, is there a chance you have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Having just got over one, that comes to mind when you describe excessive urination. I believe we are more subject to them.

Hi Zoe, Thanks so much for your post. So, about an hour after I posted my question, I received a call from a nurse through my physician. She said that my urine culture's secondary results (initial results were normal) showed group B strep bacteria. I was really surprised by this, since I have had absolutely no pain/discomfort. But I have felt quite unwell with fatigue, which is what took me to the doctor. I wonder if that is what is causing this. They want me in tomorrow for another sample.

Zoe, did you finally find the right antibiotic? I had one last week...

Yes, it finally was cured. Then I had to do "bladder retraining" because I had gotten used to peeing more often. Geesh.

Actually sounds like good news, Melissa, because if it is an infection it can be treated with antibiotics!

perhaps you are experiencing Over-Active-Bladder. i pee all the time and even once or twice during the night. my A1c is 6.5, which is generally a sign of good BG control. my D doctor could find no traces of sugar in my urine either, no keytones present. so i went to a urologist on D doc's suggestion. after many mildly uncomfortable tests, i was dx and put on Myrbetrique. i have been problem free ever since. i still pee often, but not 1/2 as much as i had before the dx and med tx. keep in mind that peeing often is not the worst thing in the world. Good Luck.

Thank you Daisy!