Hope you are all having a great 2010 so far

well, i’ve definitely had an interesting 2010 so far. i’ve had to miss work due to snow, which has caused havoc in the UK for sure. and today i’m ‘snowed in’ again - for those of you who don’t live in the UK, it’s just a couple of inches really, which is more than normal, and all the fuss is because it’s not actually melting (which it usually does!)

anyway, it’s pretty easy to keep myself busy cooking yummy things, cleaning, working, watching tv and being crafty. i’ve definitely had some issues with keeping my control right since the beginning of the year, and have been pretty ill - still don’t feel so well now - very drained and just generally tired, which has caused some pretty awful moods - uh oh.

i hope all of you are coping much better than myself. i reckon the answer to all my problems is to get a dog. which would give me some regular exercise and more of a routine. do you guys have dogs?

Hi Allisa, sorry to hear you are not feeling well and shut in due to the weather. Yes, a little lap dog would be great companionship and would keep you busy. We have a little PekePoo and he is so adorable. He loves attention and lets us know when he wants to go out on the leash. He loves to play with stuffed animals and with balls. I would highly recommend a little fuzzy friend.