Hot tubs

Has anyone ventured into the hot tub with your pod on? I know it’s not recommended, still wondering if anyone has tried it though and if so did it ruin your insulin? Going to a hotel next month for a basketball tournament and trying to figure out if we should just do shots for the weekend. Thanks.

I bathe in very hot water but it’s not a hot tub and it always seemed to be ok but I would call Insulet before going into a hot tub. You may want to put it on your upper arm so it doesn’t submerge.

I put it on my upper arm so it won’t submerge in 106 water. I doubt if anyone will advise to let it get that warm, and have been to chicken to test it out myself.

Do you think the concern is about the insulin or the device? Both?

I would suggest the same. Then you can fully enjoy yourself without worrying.

Concern is for the insulin, I guess it’s not supposed to get that hot. Although I did read somewhere that you would practically have to boil insulin in order for it not to be effective, so that’s why I was curious to find out if anyone had actually tried it. I like the idea of having my son have it on his arm and keeping it out of the water. Don’t want to ruin a pod over it, that’s for sure. Also want to be sure he gets to be a kid and have fun with his friends, so much responsibility for a 12 year old!

Although your son is only 12 and therefore probably would not have any ill effects from a drip in the hot tub, please understand that hot tubs are not recommended for diabetics. This has to do with poor circulation and adverse effects of being in such hot water. I would assume that hot tubs pose no great risk for a person who has not been diabetic for too long, but I still avoid them as they can be a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty bacteria and such. If the hotel has a hot tub, they also must have a swimming pool. That really is a wiser choice.

If it is a hotel hot tub, they are usually set below 102 for legal liability reasons…sometimes much lower. part of the diabetic warning also has to due with a possible drop in blood pressure, and passing out. Once again, little risk at a lower temperature.

I am probably the exception, but I hot tub all the time, no matter where I have the pod placed. I am rarely in the hot tub for more than 15 minutes and figure that I probably won’t ruin the insulin in that amount of time… why would it be ok to wander around in 115 degree weather but not sit in a 104 degree hot tub? The only adverse effects I have ever had have been adhesive related…the water/jets loosen the adhesive quite a bit, so I wouldn’t hot tub on the first day of a new.pod to be on the safe side. I used to worry about it, but eventually just took the plunge and stopped caring…and guess what? I am not a single pod worse for wear!

i’ve done hot tubs a few times with pods. they were either on my back/side or my arm. when it’s on my arm, i don’t worry about it at all. when it’s under the water longer, i worry a little… but have had no problems yet. honestly, my daily showers are as hot as the hot tubs get… so i really don’t think the danger is that great. when it comes to the worst… all you’d have to do is switch pods.

My daughter’s gone in a hot tub with the pod on her arm, or we’ve tried to schedule pod change days when we’ll be staying in a hotel, and then we just let her enjoy the hot tub pod free. Her blood sugar usually stays about the same or goes down. My brother, who uses shots, loves hot tubs because they drop his blood sugar dramatically, and then he gets a couple of “free” eating hours :wink: (Probably wouldn’t be an endo-recommended method!)

Besides the heat and blood sugar changes, I’d bet the risk of infection from a hot tub is probably a reason for the diabetes warning.

I am in hot tubs all the time, and I agree that one good way is to have the pod on the upper arm. I have never had a problem of any sort (ruined insulin, low BG, passing out) at all in my 30 years diabetic! Just be careful, speak to an expert (your endo, someone from Lilly, etc.) about the “risks” to a T1 of using a hottub, etc. In any case, my “unexpert” experience is there is no risk. Good Luck in the tourney! PEACE

I always thought the hot tub warning was for diabetics with severe neuropathy who couldn’t feel their toes cookin’ up in time to avoid burns. Maybe something about insulin absorption rates as well.

I sat in a Hot tub over Christmas for the first time with the pod on my arm–didn’t have any problems, of course my arm was out of the water (most of the time) and I didn’t stay in longer than 15 minutes, like others have said plan on the placement being on his arm also have him sit on the edge of the tub every 15 minutes and you shouldn’t have any trouble!!