How add BG meter results to Tandem t:slim x2 data?

About a week ago I switched from using a MiniMed 630G pump to a Tandem t:slim x2 with Control-IQ (CIQ). I am still using the Blood Glucose (BG) meter which came with my 630G, an Ascensia (formerly Bayer) Contour Next Link 2.4.

I looked at the Tandem t:connect Add a Blood Glucose Meter site only to find that none of the Contour Next BG meters are supported. So there doesn’t seem to be any way for me to upload my BG meter’s data into Tandem t:connect.

Worse, I can’t seem to find a non-intrusive way to add a BG meter result by entering it on my pump. The only way I’ve found so far is to enter the meter BG as a CGM calibration. This seems to get the BG result saved, but I’d prefer also being able to add a BG result without calibrating the CGM. I could do this with the 630G by entering a BG as a correction bolus of 0 units. However, I can’t do this with the t:slim x2.

Is there another way to enter a BG meter result to the t:slim x2 pump’s data that I have not learned about?

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Anything you enter into the bolus wizard gets saved in the history, even if you don’t deliver insulin off of it.

Just enter it into the BG box and then cancel the bolus.

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HI @irrational_John, I have a TSlim too, and I find that Tidepool covers most of what I want including adding BG meter data.

Does it get uploaded to Tconnect?

I honestly don’t know. I stopped using T:connect. I don’t see a use for it personally until they add remote control features. Do it and see?

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I use connect because it captures my insulin dosing and basal rates.
Otherwise I sort of have to guess when my doctor asks me for it.
I just give him access to the account and he can look at it download or whatever.
Then makes suggestions, most of which I don’t do because I tweak it myself so often.

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Yeah, I can see how it’s useful to other people and docs. I don’t have a doctor that knows anything about my pump, though, other than what I’ve taught her, though. I see an Internist who’s happy to write my scripts so long as I can take care of myself, not an Endo. And I honestly don’t care much about what Control-IQ is changing in the background, so long as my data is pretty.

I’m sure I’ll install it again as soon I think my settings need tweaked again.

Below is the response I got when I asked this question via a message on the Tandem Facebook page. It matches what has already been said earlier. But I figured it didn’t hurt anything to post it again since it’s Tandem kinda, sorta saying it.

In order to add your BG on your t:slim X2 pump, without delivering a bolus, please follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen tap BOLUS.
  2. Tap Add BG.
  3. Using the on-screen keypad, enter your BG value and tap [check mark]. Once [check mark] is tapped, the BG value is saved in your pump history whether or not a bolus is delivered.
  4. Follow the steps in the appropriate Target section above depending on the results of your BG value.

My personal opinion is that this is a completely ridiculous & non-intuitive kludge of a method to shoehorn BG meter data into the record, but, whatevers. :disappointed: :man_shrugging:

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