How can I drownd out a PDM Alarm

It’s late. I didn’t change my pod when I was advised at 10:30 PM by a pod expiration alert.

So now that I’ve changed my pod at 00:20, it will want me to acknowlege it and confirm with blood tests, that it is working 90 minutes later.

Anyway, the short of it all … can an OmniPod be put in the microwave to keep it from keeping me up all night looking for for two calibrations upon restart (I used a G5)?

Forgive me, please, for sounding and being a bit loopy as I am … my ambian has kicked in and now I’m up against its fast-approaching, active, timeline, when I’ll either be asleep at my desk, in/at the microwave, or not at all, if I can’t silence the PDMs promts!

You’ll be past this by now but for future reference…

The basal is programmed into the pod, so it can be in the microwave or the other side of the house.

I’m pretty sure luckily it doesn’t keep beeping, I have slept through the beep beep .

The microwave didn’t work :frowning: I woke up to it beeping, which happens about every 10 minutes or so.

I did too, Marie. I didn’t hear it until it was time to get up anyway!

I’m not sure why I thought the microwave would act as a barrier for hearing the alert, but by the time I took it out, after having slept for several hours, there were a half-dozen rounds of it beeping to alert me I needed to test after changing the pod.

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I sleep through mine/ Wrap it up in towels