How can make Solitaire or Spider Solitaire bigger in appearance?


A person in my family is visually impaired. I always try to customize her computer so that it is easier for her to use. She loves playing Solitaire and Spider Solitaire but she complains that the “desks” or cards are too small. How can I make these games more pleasing for a visually impaired person? Can I change the appearance of these games on her computer or can I download better, more pleasing ones for her?

By the way, does anyone know a Forum on the Internet for visually impaired people? If you do know of one, sharing this information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Marad,

We have a solitaire game that’s online at, it’s quite a bit larger than the solitaire games that come on your PC. I hope that is helpful.

You can go into the display settings and change the screen resolution to a lower setting. It will make everything larger.

My father had gluacoma and changed display settings to make his computer easier to use. So I tried this and opened solitaire. The game board was larger, but the cards did not seem to scale up well. Give it a try though, the game will get a bit bigger, just not as large as the one I linked, we built that one to be easy to see if you have vision problems. Good luck

I think you can also drag the outline to make the game larger, which also makes the cards larger.


You should contact the division for the blind and visually impaired in your state for services to help teach her everything she needs. Google or NFB for consumer groups. Or Hadley Institute for the blind and Visually Impaired. Hope this helps. Nancy50

This is the best solitaire on the planet - nothing even close for graphics and you can make fairly large cards - 712 games

you can download a demo I believe

it is worth every penny and is usually only ten bucks

take a look - it may be helpful