How do I stop my sinuses from draining? What is the best thing to take so i can get better

Hi all - Well today I have had the worst sinus pressure and drainage . Omg it is awful! Well it all started with my daughter coming home yesterday with a runny nose. Well we all know how that goes........ So i wake up in the middle of the night with a awful sour throat! My bs was 130 before i went to be well...... when i woke up at 12oo am it was 493 ! are you kidding me i changed my settings and still no change . All day today they have been between 200-350 i feel like i have been hit by a train! I have tried to take sudafed and that did not help.... tried the vaporizer and that did not help ! What can i do to sleep and to feel better i am in need bad i can not afford to miss any work............. Help :(

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Hi Samantha,
A few months ago, my endo recommended the Neti Pot to me for cases like the ones you describe. Here is a video on how it works:

It REALLY works. You can get it at your local pharmacy.

I use a similar device than the nedi pot, it is along the same line, it gently squirts warm water up one side of your nose and comes out the other, feels a bit awkward but really helps, hope u feel better soon

great thank you so much! do you guys know how much the nedi pot is?

Hi Samantha,
I don’t know how much the neti pot is but also use a warm saline wash as well. If you can get it i would stongly reccommend doing so. It will come in handy over and over. Getting your sinuses to drain and keeping your nasal passages cleaned and moist really has helped me to prevent a lot of sinus infections. I wish you well and sure hope you find it. My best to you.


Gosh, if I knew that answer for sure, I’d be a millionaire!! I can only make a few suggestions that may make you feel more comfortable. Try elevating your head in bed so it doesn’t drain down your throat. Mucinex DM seems to help me a lot. I am also one of those people prone to starting any illness with a stuffed head and sore throat. Do you have a portable cool air humidifier to place near your bed?

This next one is a doozy! You know, there are ways to clear out your sinuses. They can vaccuum them with a little suction machine. My DR of long ago said they could do that for me but it wouldn’t feel so hot!! There are days when I want to take my own vaccuum and suck it all out. With my luck, I’d suck all my brains out too!!

Hope you feel better really soon. I have had only 2 respiratory illness since I retired in 2004…and that coming from someone who was always sick. When I wasn’t sick, students were around me all the time coughing, etc.; sick professors; sick co-workers; and, thus, sick Lois!!

Hugs and health!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I have had the exact same thing for the past few days. The best thing I have found in Aleve-D. If I take it every 12 hours like it says, I feel fine. Also, if you are stuffy and have a hard time breathing at night, try Breathe Right strips. They work wonders for me as well. Hope you feel better soon.

Hi Samantha,
I have been an allergy and sinusitis sufferer for years (I am also a physician). I have also been a user of the Neti pot for years. It is inexpensive, easy to use, very effective, and not potentially harmful like chronic use of nasal sprays or decongestants. It works well with the salt solution packets (the pot comes with a few and you can purchase more) or plain saline but I also like to use a solution called “Alkolol” that you can buy over the counter in the drug store (also inexpensive). You will feel better after the first treatment (you wont believe the stuff that will drain out of your sinuses!). I highly recommend it. Hope you feel better soon.

Scott L.
Gainesville, FL

Hey all,

Isn’t running through your sinuses icky feeling? I tried some sort of wash years ago where I had to lay on the bed with my head over the edge and I just couldn’t get the stuff through without choking to death on it. It grossed me out!!!

Lois La Rose

If you use the Neti pot as directed in the instructions (positioning your head exactly as they say) it isn’t too bad. If you tilt your head the wrong way you can feel like you’re drowning. The unbelievable amount of nasty stuff that drains out is a bit gross but the relief is worth it in my opinion.



OK. I’ll give it a try if it’s not too expensive at my pharmacy. You won’t believe the collection of stuff in my head every morning when I wake up. I usually have to cough, hawk, blow and do all sorts of disgusting things to get some of that cr*p out. How can such a little area cause so many problems!!! Of course, allergies and all, it might be helpful if I hire someone to come in and dust, etc.

Thanks for the advice. It’s good to have a DR on hand to know the right things to do. What kind of DR are you? I hope not a gyn!!!

Lois La Rose

It seems like every other week or so I wake up in the morning with a bad sinus headache accompanied by nausea. Is the nausea caused by the drainage?

I wish I could figure out what’s triggering them and how to prevent them. I’ve tried a variety of over the counter sinus products and also a product similar to the Neti pot but haven’t had much luck yet. :\


I think the upset tummy has something to do with the drainage getting to the stomach. As to waking up with the sinus problem, you may actually have some sort of allergy. Dust? Dust mites? The key is to keep your room as dust-free as you can. No carpets on the floor, no big old throw pillows, stuffed animals, no curtains … you know, a big plastic bubble!!! Just try to clean up and see if you improve. You may want to vacuum your mattress and box spring. Put them in a big plastic cover. All the things an allergist might tell you. (As you can tell, I have a BUNCH of allergies!!!) Oh, and don’t hang your sheets outdoors. They will collect allergens floating in the air. Of course, this may not be a problem at this time of year depending on where you live.

Good luck and be well.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

i’ve been battling this as well, and two things have COMPLETELY helped me:
the neilmed sinus rinse (i’ve done the neti pot, i’ve done the sinus rinse, and i prefer the sinus rinse). here’s the link:
i’ve found it much more cleansing and comfortable to use. it’s about $14.

i was sneezing like crazy, and i started taking nettles (available at whole foods or a health food store). check with your doc first, but they really helped with the sneezing.

good luck! i hope you feel better SOON.

Hi Samantha I have chronic sinus problems due to other illnesses. One thing you can do that is a bit hard for some but you get used to it is using saline. A saline nasal spray no medication. In the morning and one hour before bed. You have to lay down and angle your head back and spray 2 times in each side. Stay as long as you can and don’t swallow. Then lean forward and very gently blow your nose. You have to remain upright for and hour after. Your sinuses will drain but what is happening is the salt is shrinking the membranes that become inflamed. They hold in mucus until they can not and you get that thick sticky drainage. The saline will not prevent drainage it will make it less thick and over time help prevent the growth of bacteria.

You can also do a salt water gargle 1 teaspoon to 8oz after the nasal spray also to help. I would be on antibiotics almost year round if not for doing this and my BG always spikes with congested sinuses. This is simple and inexpensive I think the spray here is 1.46 a bottle. This also helps prevent ear infections which I get also.

I hope this helps you it takes a bit to get used to and you may not have to do everyday like me but it can help anyone through a cold and congestion.

Be well and be loved

My wife uses this. It seems to work for her. Herman