Weird sinus sensation when high?

This is just out of curiosity, but does anyone else get a weird sensation in their sinuses when they are high? It almost feels like having water up my nose, but more subtle. It happens everytime I am high. I have mentined it to two different endos and they claim to have never heard of it before. I know I can not be the only one out there who has this symptom? Anyone else???

Yes i do! you aren’t the only one. It feels like ice on my brain or something like that.

I’ll bet it’s from the fluid in your body being diverted to the kidneys, a kind of dehydration reaction.

I get a sort of desiccated feeling in all my mucous membranes (mouth, sinuses, eyes) when I’ve been high enough to start with the copious swamp-drainage. Ahem.

Another reason to drink lots of water when high and get those BG’s down?