Sinus infections

Anybody else deal with chronic sinus infections? I've had all sorts of tests (CT scans and allergy) and can't seem to get anywhere. BGs are in good control.I get 4 or 5 sinus infections a year, and this one's mixed with bronchitis. Doc is concerned about pneumonia.

I'm thinking my next move is to get allergy shots. Can't really think of anything else to do. The ENT says surgery won't help, it's nothing wrong with my sinuses, per se.

I think it's an autoimmune response, excessive inflammation. I've read some studies that they've dialed back people's immune systems who have chronic sinusitis (which is different than infections, but is related to the body's overactive immune system response and inflammation.)

Just wondered if anybody else has this and has had any luck dealing with it.

I've got T1, psoriasis and what seems like chronic inflammation. My immune system is like a hyper kid. Any tips appreciated.



Sinus infections for years, antibiotics at least twice a year, cleared it up then back again. CT (polyps), ENT, Allergy testing, allergic to dust, ha!. No sinus infection for two years, okay here is the TMI. Everyday I use a neti pot in the a.m. with the the stuff they supply. Allegra(24 hour) and 4 hour sudafed every day, NO MORE sinus infections. problems sound like yours, after about a year of using a NeilMed® sinus rinse I have finally gotten some relief. This year has been especially hard on people who suffer from pollution and's said but it's going to get much worse.

I had a period where I was having chronic sinus infections after a botched endoscopy and then they suddenly stopped- I have no idea why. More recently I had a constant chronic thick mucus in my sinus/throat etc. I tried a steroid nasal spray which seemed to help but then my bg spiked, maybe from that and I stopped. I also have asthma and the asthma/sinus/infections/sore throats for me are very much related to severe acid reflux. When you lie down at night, the acid all goes into your lungs/sinuses etc. causing irritation. Maybe that is happening to you also. I take lansoprazole every night for the reflux, drink tons of water and I sleep with elevation to help stop this. When symptoms get worse I also adjust my diet: no wine, tomatoes, chocolate, vinegar etc. There was a period of 8 months several years ago when my reflux was so bad all I ate was: plain chicken, white rice, iceberg lettuce, water and the occasional granola bar/bran cereal, and eggs. That and prilosec cured me, or made it much much better.

ps: if you use a neti pot only use distilled water with the proper solution added in, if you don't add the solution it will be a disaster/painful- my then ent said regular water can cause infections.

I have had the same thought, that my allergies, which have now become "allergy induced" asthma in the last 2 years, are definitely related to an overactive immune system. I have also in the last year developed cold urticaria.
The netti pot never made a difference for me I stopped using it. Currently, I take daily Flonase spray, Singulair and Zyrtec or which ever of those antihistamines I am currently trying. They usually have less of an effect for me after a year or so and I go back to one of the others. I had some improvement with the addition of the Singulair but it could have been just coincidence that I was getting better anyway. I have heard there are studies that show it has a low rate of effectiveness in adults.
The other things I have done are related to the environment, no more carpets, use an air filtration and avoid allergy triggers. I know this time of the year there is no getting away from the pollen.
This is a constant battle for me also and I have been offered the sinus scraping surgery, but no thanks. I hear it hurts like hell and a lot of people have little improvement over the long run.

Thanks guys, this site is the best. Your feedback is 100x more helpful than my GP's at the moment, which is basically a shrug.

I sort of like the idea of an informal clinical test. A couple people have said a neti pot or neilmed rinse has kept the infections away for a year (I might be overstating that...). It'd be interesting to get 10 chronic sinus infection sufferers who want to try the neti pot/neilmed for a year, daily, and see what the rate of recurrent infections would be after a year.

I second the singulair and claritin/zyrteck combo. It worked wonders for my son with the multiple sinus and inner ear infections each year. You could see the raccoon eyes/puffy face every spring when allergy season started to kick in. Much better now. It was originally prescribed to help with his asthma control, now he is off asthma meds as long as he stays on the singulair.

Claritin, Zyrtec, Singular, I have tried them all. Allegra worked the best for me, I think you do have to try them to see what works, but..... a little Sudafed helps to dry it up as well. I think that is key, you need something to keep the nasal/sinus passages dry, and working with the neti pot/neilmed as well. Just my couple of cents, because I suffered for at least 20 years.

I'm going to try this. And allergy shots.

I just get confused about anti-histamines. The doctors always say it dries you up and what you need is to drain or the infection starts/won't go away and there's more risk of ear infections (again, not draining.) I guess if the inflammation can be avoided in the first place...just need to get to that point. It is really confusing to me though.

Really appreciate the specific tips!

OK Karen, I'm stealing your regimen with a couple tweaks:

-Neilmed rinse in the a.m. with distilled water
-24 hour allegra
-Advil Cold & Sinus (had some on hand, might switch to sudafed soon and see how that goes.)

I'll report back in a year with the results of this one-person clinical study. Hope it'll help somebody else this year too! Still thinking about allergy shots to get to the root of this. Very much appreciate the specific ideas, thanks!


Both my husband and I gluten intolerant (celiac disease). My symptom was anemia, but my husband’s was chronic sinus infections/snoring. He has been GF for 13 years and had never had a sinus infection since. There are over 300 symptoms for celiac disease. You can research the University of Chicago’s website for more information.

You stated that you thought that it might be autoimmune related. 10% of T1’s have Celiac Disease. They share the same genes. As you know, autoimmune diseases can develop at anytime and once you get one…

Good luck and I hope this helps. Do not give up gluten until all testing is complete.

BTW, I love my Nedi-pot!

Hey, thanks Cyclinglady. I was tested for any gluten issues when I had an edoscopy last year. So no go there.

No real telling what's happening, but does seem to me like an overactive immune system, plus allergies and three small kids in the house. We're out in the country and the pollen is pretty off the charts. Miles of pine trees all around us.

I really like the neilmed thing so far. Just trying to let myself clear up before I start a daily dose of Allegra. Slightly concerned about an ear infection since I'm not totally done with this bronchitis yet.

Thanks again!

I have had problems with Sinus Infections since diagnoises. IMy endo gave me a script foer Flonase. Use it a few times a week or less and it keeps the infections at bay.

I have chronic sinus issues, and constantly told I need surgery for nasal polyp and deveated septum! I also have chronic fluid behind left ear drump which has caused me to lose hearing and sometimes when I know Im having a flareup, my left lymphnode gland under ear and down neck will swell up and very tender. I immediately take plain mucinex 1200mg vfor a few days and things vlear up. Occassionally I'll take it with D. Mucinex keeps things flowing without D and ENT says it, s ok to take it regularly, no issues but do take last dose 5-6 hrs before bed as it keeps me awake. Good luck!

I have suffered sinus infections since childhood, every time the season changes. I have never has bronchitis. I used to run to the doc for antibiotics every time too. Lately I just don’t feel like it so I go to the pharmacy and pick up some OTC meds that have decongestant (usually alkaseltzer plus d that is behind the counter with the pharmacist - it doesn’t seem to effect my bg). I also start blasting it with tea with honey - sleepytime has a “sinus soother” kind that knocks me out but it’s really all about the honey which is a crazy good home remedy. I started doing all this when I didn’t have health ins and couldn’t afford to go to the doc but it has never taken me more than a week to clear the infection this way so I still do it. Good luck!

Lots of good advice here. I also bought one of these:

And it's been good for the bedroom. Still thinking about allergy shots--I do seem to have a reaction to something that causes me to be really stuffed up every a.m.