How do you carry your PDM? (omnipod)

Any suggestions for a secure way to carry the PDM? When I’m not carrying my purse I put the PDM in my pocket but it sometimes falls out. A belt clip or strap? My old pump, with a tube, just dangled when it fell out of my pocket.

I treat my PDM like I treat a blood glucose meter. I don’t really carry it around unless I am going out. If I am going out for a run or short walk, I usually leave it at home.

If I am going out further away, I usually put in in a zip-up jacket in my pocket or in a small back-pack that has other stuff in it like my blood glucose meter, PDM, glucose etc.


Left front pants pocket, along with my cell phone. Hard to dig out in the car.

Thanks. That works for some pants, but a few have shallow pockets.

I don’t use Omnipod but i use a Tandem t:slim x2 pump clipped inside front of bra strap on left & Dexcom CGM inside bra toward the side on right. My file cabinet lol :blush:

If i am wearing something with a deep pocket, i might put pump in pocket. Hope this helps.