My 5 year diabetes-versary!

I'm a big believer in making positives out of everything, so I'm throwing a small party to celebrate being a type 1 diabetic for 5 years. How would you celebrate? I was thinking of buying a big wheel of brie cheese and putting a "5" candle in the middle XD

How about a 5k (even 5 miles!) group walk or run? You could follow that with refreshments that are kind to your post-eating BGs. I love the brie cheese idea.

i would make a music video with pics/video from those 5 years ( maybe showing some changes in food/lifestyle that had occurred in those 5 years) and send it to my friends. i might caption it with things i had learned a long the way.

Congrats! I'm always jealous as I've never really been sure when my diaversary is. 1984, spring, right around the time that school was supposed to be starting up again after winter break is as precise as I can get. Enjoy your day!!

Great idea!

You could also make a list of 5 things you would like to (positively) change. Along with that is a great exercise you can try - laugh for as long as you can (try 30 seconds) and then repeat 4 more times for a total of 5.


We recently celebrated my 12-year-old daughter’s one-year diaversary. I had planned to make her a special cake, but time didn’t permit. So we purchased a cake from the grocery store. My daughter scraped off all the frosting (which I ate during a sugar-Jones-induced frenzy and then lived to regret) and re-frosted it with cream cheese icing she tinted blood red. She added a lifelike pancreas she made from fondant. We celebrated with three of her closest friends, who each gave her small gifts.

To each their own, but we felt it was important to celebrate a year during which we lived with and battled Type 1 and didn’t let it control our lives.

Happy diaversary! That is an awesome idea that you have, and I hope you have a great diaversary! :)

I went with the date I was officially diagnosed and admitted to the hospital

That's a great idea! I love running, so that's not too much of a commitment either