How do you know when your MM transmitter is dying?

What are you experience in your MM transmitter dying?

Michelle, not really sure if anyone has responded to this but since I just went through the process of replacing my MM transmitter, I will. My transmitter died approximately 14 months after I started using it in April of ’07. Basically, I was getting weak signal messages & then the ISIG readings stopped altogether. The transmitter wouldn’t go through the start-up - callibrations sequence. The MM Helpline tried a couple of things to fix the problem (basically, I was having a couple of issues with the battery cap on the charger and also the diodes on the charger were not registering as they should), but in the end determined that my transmitter was dead. When the transmitter died, it really died and stopped working entirely. There was no gradual degradation of performance or readings, it just stopped working. It took almost three months to get it replaced (diagnosis process – insurance, etc.), but I’m now up and running with a new transmitter. Hopes this helps you some.