How do you know you need symlin?

Hi all!
I am reading DrBernstein who talks about amylin shortage for Type 1, being not able to control hunger. Lately I’ve being experimenting with lowcarb and having good results. Stable BGs. But! If first week I felt OK and not at all hungry the other 2 were disasters. I am constantly hungry. I can not possibly eat more fat or proteins, this is always recommendation. I’ve gained 4 kg on this diet already. I feel so bad, lack of energy and this hunger! My BG are good. So this is not hunger because of high BG either.
So I was wondering if it could be amylin? How do I check this?

I never felt full unless it was Thanksgiving or after a trip to Golden Corral! My CDE noticed my boluses were pretty big so she recommended it. Been using it for 4 years and it has allowed me to reduce my insulin, and now I get what it's like to feel full! Lost 12 lbs. soon after also. Great stuff, just make sure to get training on how to take it, because you take that as you star eating, then bolus afterwards.