How do you lower bg when you have a cold?

OK I’m not really sick, just a minor cold but my bgs have gone haywire. Last week I was doing so good and averaged 103. The past 4 days with the cold my numbers have jumped 30 points and I’m averaging like 130-140. I am trying to eat very low carb to compensate. Even did 3 hours of yard work but that only raised bg. So what do I do?

Yeah, and drink a LOT of fluids, and electrolytes… and make sure whatever medicine you take is sugar and sugar alcohol free. All you can do, like Tom said, is rest…

Thanks guys, it’s very frustrating because I’m not really sick just a little congestion in the morning but I know my body is over compensating and dumping glucose. Hopefully it won’t last long. Of course as usual I have to go in for labs next week so I’m sure they will be elevated.

Lots of fluids get some sleep and you gots to eat even if your sugars are running a little high cause other wise you will get ketones from not getting enough carbs meaning your body is breaking down fat and with diabetes ketones are worse on our kidneys then someone without ketones.