What to do when getting sick

I feel like im getting a cold and i also have been seeing my numbers rise. I control my sugar with diet alone my DR says im doing amazing. I never see fasting numbers over 100 and even after food hardly ever see 130 and always come back to 80-90 fast.

But today as i feel this cold getting worse i see fasting sugars of 118, 130 and just random 120’s, this i have not seen in some time.

I would just like to know what i can to? I do not take any meds and have not made any diet changes. I have started a new BP med and they said that could make my sugar rise. But like i say i also feel a bad cold coming on.

Hi Mark,
that are amazing numbers and even your latest sugars are nothing to worry about, imo. A cold can really mess up your numbers for a few days and as long as you don’t reach dangerously high levels and get ketones you should be fine. Drink enough water, take it easy for a few days, maybe reduce carbs (if you’re not already on a low carb diet) and most importantly, don’t stress over it. That can make your sugars even higher. If your numbers don’t get back to normal after this, you can always talk your doc.

Hope your cold is just a false alarm.

Ok, thanks for the info, im a very low carb diet right now. I have the ketones strips and i guess ketones and sugars of like 300+ are real bad?

Again thanks for the info!


Yes that would be very bad, if you ever get near that level you should go to the hospital immediately. As it is you should be fine if you monitor your blood sugar like you normally do and test for ketones when your numbers get higher.
Good luck.

Thanks Kat!