How do you "treat" yourself?

With so many dietary restrictions and other day-in-day-out stresses related to diabetes, I am finally learning that I need to reward/treat myself in as many ways as possible. I used to do this with food. I am now working on replacing the ice cream with other things that give me pleasure. I am learning to build them into my day as much as possible and make them rituals.

My newest “treat” is to take myself out to the movies every Tuesday night. How do you “treat” yourself? Treats that don’t cost anything are much appreciated due to the current economy, but all are welcome… :slight_smile:

I still treat myself with food, but it’s a little lowfat soft serve cone from McDonald’s. Once a week. Very easy on the bg. But you are right, that there are other things that we can train our brains to think of as treats. I recently joined Netflix and for about $5 per month you can get two movies per month. Since my public library carrys a lot of movies, I use NF to get the more obscure ones.

I treat myself to baking something for someone else like my neighbor or a friend from church. I give them almost all of what I bake, but allow myself to have 1-2 cookies before they are all packed. I also like to walk with my 13 year old or ride a bike with him while he practices cross country.

Yeah - I’m the same as rainbowgoddess - and can’t really think of a treat - though I know as a child my Mum used to buy me something every month as a reward - not food related - one time it was a piggy bank, or an Archie comic book (showing my age here ). Maybe I should start treating myself again - hmmm - thanks for starting this thread Elizabeth - we deserve it!!!

i will usually go out and buy me a shirt or something lol

My “treats” are also somewhat food related. Once a week my husband and I will dress and go out for a simple dinner at a cozy restaurant. A little dancing, stroll around or funicular ride and star gazing at a local country club.

I guess I do the food treat also. I keep a bar of the good chocolate in the freezer…when I have great bg’s I reward with a small square…or I brew some great coffee. My friends and I get together every couple months and do dinner at a unique or unusual place and follow up with entertainment(movie or concert…or bowling!). We live within 50-75 miles of each other so this really is a treat to do. Costly, but a treat!

well, I’m sort of new to this game but I do allow myself a regular, non diet soda when I’ve been good about sticking to my list of allowed foods. I can’t stand the diet stuff unless it’s dr pepper, but only once in awhile for that even.


I am making it a goal to up the pleasure quota in my life–doing all the littlest things that make my day more enjoyable. And it distracts me from the things that diabetes has kept me from.

Buying flowers, going on day trips, new makeup, magazines, and music are a few of my favorite treats. Drinking a cafe latte is a daily one.

of course…I thought of food:) but, i also try to take care of myself and loved one’s everyday. I love great movies, books…cooking for friends, COFFEE freshly roasted, and trips to the ocean…I remember the first time I snorkeled…I was out there floating for over 3 hours! I try new chocolates on a pretty regular basis…one square of excellent chocolate is usually no more than 6 gms CHO:)


I treat myself to low carb ice cream bars (Breyer’s low carb ice cream bars are only 5g CHO per bar) or iced coffee’s (sugar-less, I never liked sugary coffee’s) a few times a week. For bigger treats, I buy myself beauty products or a high-end or cool exercise outfit or gear to motivate me to exercise.

I learned when I got into recovery from my eating disorder that I needed to find other things for treats than food. I still very much enjoy food, cooking, ethnic restaurants, gourmet items on a regular basis. But I no longer divide food into “good” (boring) and “bad/treats” (desireable). I make sure my good food is desireable and I look elsewhere for “treats”.

I’m partially retired and will definitely be on a budget when I move back to the states in a week, so some of my favorite treats are: bubble baths with candles and books, wandering about for hours in the city going through shops buying small items such as used books, a new color nail polish, garage sales (bargains!!) and stopping in cafes for espresso (okay, one food as treat!) Nature is a big part of treats for me, spending time relaxing in a serene setting or lying in a hammock with a book. (Love my Guatemalan hammock, just have to find the right tree near my new house!). I’m working on a book and writing is both a treat and work at different times! Lots of things will be treats for me because I’ve missed them during the 2 years I have lived in Guatemala: going to the indie movie theaters, going to the library, playing with my 2-year old great niece, special trips to the beautiful sites here in Guatemala and soon to all the natural spots in California, especially with hot springs!

Good topic!

Right this may sound a bit hippy but bear with me…
Do something for you, i know what you’re thinking like what?
Well I love to walk barefoot in the grass but never find time, so i make time weather permitting
Give yourself a manicure/pedicure
read a book that you’ve been meaning to get round to,
learn something new that you always wanted to just something which is purely for you.

Shoes and make-up. Sorry they are not cost-free (but are sugar free!)

A guiltless non-productive day…day to sleep in, not run chores, do errands, clean, etc. and just do what necessary (testing, insulin) and then anything else that’s fun/relaxing… and not worry too much about eating… I usually try to eat well, but don’t go all out cooking wise…the hardest part for me anyways is to not feel like I should be doing something more…

Take time to do some crafts. Make something and give it to a friend. That always feels good.
Take time to have coffee, go to a play or anything with a friend.
Looking for treasures in second-hand stores.

I second the shoes thing. I have so many shoes! But I can usually find them at discount stores etc for $15 bucks or less. My last pair are gorgeous and I get compliments on them all the time! But only cost me $5 at Target! Shoes and dresses are my pleasure. I can usually afford to splurge once every two weeks. Yay!

I love that. I want to make my fiance and I “date” more. We “hang out” and “go places” a lot, but rarely do we actually get dolled up and “date”. I bet it feels really good!