How does your child carry their Pump?

Hello, My son(7years old) just started pumping and we can not find a comfortable way for him to wear it. He is one of those kids that doesn't like certain fabrics or tags rubbing on him....ugh.
ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Our 6-year-old son is the same way about fabrics, tags etc. But he loves his Tummietote from Tallygear. ( He says it's very comfortable. It seems well-made and has held up well so far. Good luck!

I tried that one but its too wide for him... he doesnt like when he sits down with it. Im willing to keep buying them to find the right one! ha

My son Cody uses the "spibelt" which is like a mini fanny pack. He doesn't even notice it's on, and has no problem sleeping with it too. Not very expensive either, less than $20. Good luck!

My 4 year old uses a spibelt.

I feel your pain! My oldest has the same issue w/clothes -- socks, seams, too tight.. too loose, tags. My T1 - 3 yr old - has a pump pouch from Too Sweet Boutique - love them. You can get the belt in the cotton fabric or you can get the belt in the furry (can't think of what it's called at the moment) material. We have both- she loves them both. I just made a belt for her myself sort of like a tummitote but in cotton fabric (I quilt so I have tons of cotton) and she doesn't want to take it off but It's about 4 inches wide. I've just ordered a C-pak from Pumptastic so we'll see how that goes. The Too Sweet pouches are great because they lay close to their back (flat - not bulky.
Hope this helps I know who much of a struggle it is to deal with a kiddo w/the clothes issues. It drives me batty most days.

I was looking at I need to order a special one for a pump? Or does it stretch to fit?

I was looking at I need to order a special one for a pump? Or does it stretch to fit?

thx, im checking those out now....

There is special one for diabetics that has a convenient hole in it for the tubing. The material is very stretchy and it fits great on Cody's One Touch Ping. He also wears it in the pool/river, then we don't have to worry about it falling off.

My daughter (6) finds this type of belt quite comfortable: I make hers using swimsuit fabric with velcro at the back. I may switch to a simple loop without velcro.

I have also made her some that are similar to these: but I use fabric covered elastic for the waist belt because she usually wears the belt under her clothes against her skin.

She has recently taken to wearing her pump clipped to her waistband to eliminate the extra layer of the belts. However, the lens film is getting trashed with her playing on the playground, so I wouldn't recommend that if possible. I'm planning to make some simple padded covers that will allow her to wear it that way.

I also like to put pockets in her clothes with buttonholes for the tubing to pass through. That way, it is out of sight, out of the way, and with no extra bulk of a belt. I sew her clothes, so add them as I go, but you can buy button on pockets already made. You just need to add buttons to the clothes to hook them to. Here are some of the button on pockets:

I've not tried any of these, but they look comfy and simple:

I guess it depends on how you bolus, though. We have the Animas Ping and use the remote to bolus, so having the pump buried under her clothes is no problem. If you need frequent access to the pump to bolus, you may not want to go that route.

My daughter also uses spibelts and loves them. They stretch to fit so you can order any of them. The kids versions have a thinner belt but the adult ones actually fit as well, when we adjust them as small as they go. She is a pretty small 9 year old. She uses it for her CGM but will be going to a pump in a few months. I'm hoping both will fit in the spibelt at the same time.

Our 4 year old daughter hates all the different pump wear. She wears it clipped on her right side. She says it doesn't move around, she can bend over or lay on her belly. If she lies down on that side she adjust it more forward or backward depending on her position. I spent tons of money on spi-belts, pouches, and pump t-shirts. For the first 6 months she didn't like it clipped to her under garments only her pants or shorts. With dresses (she wears quite a few) she finally decided she liked that much better than a belt of some kind. Now we do go thru more underwear because the elastic is not that strong. The more I think about it the more I think she is right. Once we started clipping it to her side she stopped complaining and adjusted to wearing it within a few days.
Good Luck!
Ellen Bennett

hello, thanks for your reply! i just ordered a spibelt but its hard to tell from the website what the material is that the pump sits it like a stretchy nylon?? Keeping my fingers crossed he likes it!

hello, thanks for the reply!! What pump does your daughter have? My son has the one touch ping and when he clips it to his shorts waist he says its heavy and he feels like his pants are falling down:-) I think he is just more comfortable wearing a belt right now. Im sure things will change daily:-)

Hi, Check this site out:

Best of luck!


My son is 8 years old , has pump for about 6 months. He didn't agree to any type of belt etc so I got a lot of pants and shorts with good pockets. He plays soccer etc and manages fine/ Also only agrees to have it connected to his stomach. The pump makes life a lot easier as far as his inconsistent appetite goes, still ups and downs lately but hopefully with the school routine we'll get back on track.

I have gotten some cargo shorts for him but haven't found any gym shorts that have pockets or that hold the pump up if he clips it to the waist. If you dont mind me asking what brand shorts does he wear while playing sports?
My son will only do his sites along the top of his butt, about 2 inches under his waistband. He has only been pumping for 3 weeks so far. We really like it and we are still trying to adjust basals but we are definitely getting close!
Im nervous sending him to first grade because he did not have a pump last year so its all new again.....fingers crossed!

My son likes his spibelt. It is a stretchy nylon type material. We have been pumping since last Thursday (August 30) and so far he seems to be OK with it. We were at a birthday party yesterday and they had one of those big bouncy houses and the only problem that he really had was when the pump was bouncing on his site but we just moved it over and he was fine... Hope you find something that works for your son!

I have gotten my son several different carrying options from They also have pump bands, pod covers and clothes.