Where to carry your pump?

My daughter is finally going on the pump after 3 years doing the pens. She doesn't like how big the pump is (Medtronic Revel) and having it hang on her pants. Any ideas where the best places are to carry it? Or will she just get used to it at her waist. She sometimes wears yoga pants that don't have pockets in them.

I very much like spibelts (www.spibelt.com). There is an adjustable belt with a nylon pouch, which comes in different sizes and colors. Perfect for yoga pants, I would think, and great for day or night.

Thanks!! We will look into that.

thanks, trudy. i'm going on the Revel too..and was concerned about 'where to put it'...i'll look at that as well! is the Revel big, did she get the combined CGM?

My daughter is 13 and wears these pants from Pink (shocker...) that have an elastic waistband that folds over to hold one's cell phone, etc. I'm the one with a pump but figure if they would hold a phone, they'd probably hold a pump?

Type1Gal, the Revel is about the size of a pager. I think really it isnt bad at all size wise, I usually depending on what Im wearing will either clip in on the inside of my jeans/pants, or on the outside and shove it in a pocket. I did get one of those little spandex belt things, but I've found I dont really need it. I've never used mine.