Pump Packs

Our 3 year old daughter just received her pump in the mail and we will be doing the training soon.Does anyone have a sewing pattern for pump packs and shirt pockets or know of a place to get a pattern?
We have purchased one however than can get pricey and I know we'll need plenty with my girl.

I don't have a pattern, but when I need a pump pocket on a piece of clothing I just make one. The stretchy edges of sweat shirts (I get them at the thrift store) work well. I cut out the right size with the top (where the pump will slide into it) tight enough to keep it from slipping out too easily. Then tuck under the edges and stitch it on. Last, make a buttonhole inside the pocket for the tubing to go through.

there are pattern for cell phones such as this one
that would work. let me know what you come up with, I'd be interested in making one too.

One of the easiest things for putting 'pockets' inside clothing is socks. I find that baby socks fit my Ping perfectly, and snugly. For belt packs, you really don't need a pattern. They are just a lined, buttoned/velcro'd envelope with an attached adjustable velcro or other belt.

Please do post pics of whatever you come up with!

Oh, and congrats on the pump!

+1 on the baby socks. I use them whenever I stick my pump down into my bra. It gets all sticky and gross down there, and I find that the baby sock is a perfect fit. I don't think it would be too hard to sew a baby sock into clothes and then add a snap or something to secure the pump inside. Also, Spibelts are GREAT for pumps. I think they make Spibelts specifically for children.

Thank you all for your responses. We begin saline start on Friday the 13th! Our daughter is really excited to start this new process. I am sure I will be on here reading how to deal with a toddler who doesn't want to her pump site redone.