Wearing the Dexcom G4 and a Medtronic Pump

Hoping that I can find some good suggestions on how my 6yr old son can "wear" his pump and CGM comfortably at the same time.

We started him on the pump in August and he wears a spi-belt for his pump and this has been fantastic, in terms of comfort, discretion and ease of use.

We started the Dexcom a couple of weeks ago and I just can't figure out what to do with it. The nurse that started the Dexcom suggested he wear his pump and have his CGM in his pocket. This is great in theory, but we are talking about a 6 yr old who likes to run and play - I can just see it falling out of his pocket and getting lost on the playground. I could get another spi-belt and have him wear two??? I have also thought about putting both the pump and CGM in his spi-belt but that worries me with all the running around that he does and buttons getting pushed on accident. My latest idea is to have him wear his spi-belt (pump) in the front and his CGM just above his bum in another carrier?? The nurses from school think he should be "wearing" both - it will teach him responsibility.

Ultimately I am thinking that one of you have been in this situation and already have a solution that I haven't thought of!!!

Open to all suggestions:)

Thanks for responding!

I use the tally gear tummie tote belt on my three year old and there's multiple pockets for things. The pump doesn't bounce around like other carriers as well. here's the link http://www.tallygear.com/ they were really good at custom sizing for our guy as we needed smaller than a small. but the velcro is great and he wears it 24/7 and doesn't complain about it.

Great! Smiling:) Going to check it out right now:)

My son is ten, very active and it was a struggle to find a comfortable pump belt. In the beginning he tried many different pump belts and ways to carry the pump comfortably. At the age of 8 his favorite was “tallygear.com”. As time went on he found even that belt irritating. He now uses a “Be Maternity BeBand” bought at Target. The fabric is very soft and breathable with no irritating tags, snaps or hooks. I simply fold it in half and sew one area to be a pocket. Most days he wears the BeBand under his shirt with the pump securely tucked into the band. For more active times he simply twists the fabric to secure it even more. Since the BeBand fabric has a 4-way stretch it hold the pump and extra tubing against his body without being too tight and the wide band helps to distribute the weight of the pump so it feels much less restrictive and less pressure. Good luck on your search.

SPIbelt has a two-pouch model! The kids’ size is about $26.99 and the adult size about $29.99. They bothl have a slot in one of the pouches to put the pump line through. I bought a small one for my son but need to exchange for an adult one (he is 14 & new to pumping & cgm). Both devices fit nicely. Can’t wait to get the bigger size.

Just ordered this model- just wish they had more color options for kids. I like the fastener on it over the talley gear's Velcro - I feel like there is less of a chance of it falling off.

Thank you so much for the tip:)

It's quite a big bit of velcro. We've never had it fall off but you've got to do what works for you! Good luck!

We love the tummietote from Tallygear too! We have been on the pump for almost a year, but just started on the Dexcom, so I have one belt with a single window and now a couple with two windows. We have both the tummietote original and the tummietote 2 (fold over pockets instead of velcro) and pretty much use them interchangeably in case one gets sweaty or needs to be washed.

Thanks we got the 2 pouch SPI belt and were disappointed because of the fit. The two pockets rested on his hip bones and were not discreet. I wish the SPI belt had a pocket in front and one in the back, but maybe that wouldn't make sense (come to think of it - it would be hard to read). Regardless we are back to square one and going to try another route probably the tummietote this time.