How hot can the pod get?

With summer coming and the possiblity of going to the tanning bed I was wondering how hot can the pods get and still be safe?

I’m pretty sure the mechanical spec’s for the OmniPod say the max. operating temperature is 104F. I think the possibility of the insulin losing its effectiveness at high temperatures is a bigger concern than the pod itself failing.

I assume that’s a prolonged operating temperature, although I wouldn’t try to guess for how long. And manufacturers generally publish their operating spec’s on the conservative side to avoid potential liability issues. For what it’s worth, I’ve worn mine in the hot tub a few times - coincidentally at exactly 104 degrees - without any problems although Insulet doesn’t recommend doing so. Again, I think it’s more an issue of spoiling the insulin than damaging the pod itself.

I started using the Pod in May 2008. I live in the Menifee area (SO of LA). I don’t have any problems with the temp and the pod. I’ve traveled to AZ, it’s a lot hotter. I would recommend using skin prep for extreme heat. You should call Insulet to see what they say about the Pod and tanning beds.