Yay Summer!

I was glancing through some of the topics, and did not see my question anywhere. With it being summer time (yay!) do you have to keep the pod covered so the insulin doesn’t get too hot with the sun? I wear my pod on my arms quite a bit, but I also like wearing my tank tops. Just curious if anyone knows if it has to stay out of the sun? Thanks in advance for any advice given-time to go out and enjoy this beautiful day! Have a fabulous holiday weekend everyone!

Kelby…I live in S FL. I have had it get so hot that the Pod slides off my bod, but the insulin seems to work just fine.

Remember that being next to your skin, the Pod is already subject to your body temperature of anywhere from 96-98 degrees (typically), so it is already in a very warm environment. I have only been on the Pod since August 3, 2009, but in late August of last year I had no problems having the Pod out in the sun although I typically keep it in covered areas of my body!

I never had any problems last summer and I was out in the sun all the time. I was in the pool a TON too and never had a problem with it coming off. When I sweat it seems to affect the “adhesive” more than the pool water! But like I said no problems! Good Luck!

We live in SW Florida…I wear the pod on my stomach. I play a lot of tennis, summer all year round, I’ve had no trouble with the pod with the persperation.
Last summer , we traveled out west and the temps reached 118…I still didn’t have any problems.
I had it loosen up once, when I was prespiring really bad, in an RV. But I did save it with tape. It didn’t totally come off.

Cool beans! Thanks everyone :o)

I know everyone answered your questions accurately… just one more thing. Remember, insulin is a natural hormone produced by a “healthy” pancreas within the human body which is usually at 98.6 degrees. The only time the insulin needs to be refrigerated is for storage before you use it and you’re never supposed to fill your pod with cold insulin. You should let it warm to room temperature so… cool beans! :slight_smile: