How long does CGM sensor last?

I am wondering how often does a CGM sensor usually last , and how often is the site area changed ? I am still considering taking this step and would appreciate some basics ! And some words of wisdom !

Which CGM?

There are a few threads on this topic already. It sometimes gets complicated.


Are you asking about the Dexcom CGM or the Medtronic one, the Enlite? As @Tim35 indicated, this topic has been explored before. You may search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of your screen. Then type in a search term like, “how long does a CGM sensor last?”, or “Dexcom CGM”, or “Enlite CGM.” There are many threads that have explored this issue.

My experience is with the Dexcom CGM. The sensor is FDA-approved to last seven days but many of us restart our sensors after the initial week and get two weeks or more per sensor. The Enlite sensors are rated at six days, I believe. Some people get more days than that but I’m unclear as to how long and how it’s done. I’m sure you can discover the answer with some TuD site searches on that topic.

A “site change” and a “sensor change” are one and the same event. Good luck! I consider the CGM technology one of the most useful tools we have as diabetics. It not only warns of lows and highs but also can provide a customized education on how your body’s glucose metabolism works. I highly recommend it.

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Dexcom sensors last longer, i’ve used both. Enlite sensors can also be restarted and Im pretty sure I found the answer here, i´ll take a look and share the link with you. Enlite can last up to 12 days (my personal experience) but the last couple of them readings are erratical. :frowning:

Here Stretching out my Enlites past 6 days

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Thanks everyone for all the great answers and responses . This is a big step , so I appreciate the wisdom you have each shared !

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