How Many Carb Ratios


How many carb ratios do you use throughout the day?


TWO: Nighttime, and 10AM until midnite.


Two, one for the first meal at mid-day and another for my second meal in the early evening.


I have several (day, evening, nighttime), and I also have different ratios for the weekend than I do for the workweek.


I have four, three that vary with meal times to help control rise after my meals and one that is for midnite to 6:00 AM.


Two: 6am-10am and then the remainder of the day.


I’m confused. Do you mean how many times you use insulin, or do you mean how many times you eat carbs. Sorry, please explain. Thank you.


Carb ratio is the amount of 1 unit rapid acting insulin needed to cover 1 gram of carbohydrate consumed.

In the morning I am more insulin resistant to 1 unit of insulin covers 2 grams of carbohydrates for me. After 10am, 1 unit of insulin will cover 3 grams of carbs for me.

Every body and everybody’s diabetes is different :slight_smile:


Thx. I think this needs to be discussed more. I understand everyone is different, but I was told 1u for every 15 carbs, maybe 12. Things is though if my sugar is high I take anywhere from 3 to 10 u of insulin like nothing. My goal is to eat without having to count carbs or think about what I’m eating.


Two. I produce a bit of endogenous insulin that pretty regulary kicks in around dinner time, so I can use less insulin per carb from 5pm-7pm.


I was using four and have now dropped it to one.


I pretty much use just the one throughout the day. 1u to 10 carbs.


Um, it’s not really possible to not count carbs one way or the other. You’ll need to count to calculate a dose…or do old school where we took a precise prescribed dose and used an “exchange system” diet to basically eat the same number of carbs daily. Sorry, I know it sucks.


I asked because I wondered what was unreasonable. I am using a 670G pump on automode and was trying to use my carb counts to influence the insulin I was getting in micro-boluses.

My NP and the endocrinologist was just not okay with me managing it that way and reduced it to one ratio all day…but I am very concerned I’m going to run amok. (I had 3, but it ended up being 5 settings because I’d switch from pre to post meal at lunch and dinner.)

BTW, I had a lot of labs done and apparently I produce no insulin at all. So I’m not supposed to need more than 1, but I know I produce a lot of cortisol and glycogen, because stress can drive me up 300 points within a half hour.


Yeah I know, but certain diets where foods such as rice, bread, pasta are eliminated and replaced with nuts and vegetables I think would dramatically decrease carbs. I think it’s more of a digestion issue which makes it difficult. Fruits also are natural sugars which are better for digestion. Just my opinion, but I went 3 months eliminating all complex carbs from my diet, and my a1c’s were dramatically improved and the amount of insulin I took was less relevant to controlling my sugar levels. It’s tough though to stick to especially when people around you do not eat the same way; ie grocery bills, cooking time, eating out, families, etc.