How my body is reacting to this problem

Hi everyone,
My name is Willet and I am a grandmother who’s doing a lot. I am raising my frist born grandson and going to school. I have been a diabetiat for a little while and giving myself shots even shorter. I got my newpapers today and there was something in it that I really needed. It was the HealthSmart part of the paper. I looked at it and I must say I love it. I can say for the frist time in reading the paper I have found this paper and it made me feel good to know that there is help out there for people like me.
I am new to this problem and giving my self shots is very hard for me. My problem is that all the things that I am not support to be eating is what’s keeping me going. All my life my body has been backwards and stuff that would hurt someone dose not do it to me. I have tryed to eat the dieted food and it makes me very sick. When I eat all the wrong stuff that they said would hurt me it really helps me. I know that I am not the only one out there with this kind of body. I feel so alond because the new dr.'s that I see know look at me like I am crazy. I really pay alot of attention to my body and I would not do anything to hurt my self. I also feel that if the dr.'s can do test on me with these new meds I can also test on myself. By doing this I have found out that my system is off centered. Who all there is in the samw boat as I am. Can I have a little help to understand what is going on with me. P.S. I hate needles and me having to give myself shots before I eat anything is very hard. When I am in school I sometime forget to test my sugar are give my shots before I eat because I have a short time before one class stop and the other start.

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you could spend all day looking at all the posts on foods and dieting!

Hi Willet,
You have come to the right place for help. There is basicalkly nothing that someone is going through that someone else hasn’t already “been there and done that”. We all start out with baby steps. And learning how our bodies react to different things is how we learn to take care of ourselves. It would be a good idea to write down what you eat, what your blood sugars are and how much insulin you shoot. This way in keeping track you will learn what to change and how much to change it and how to keep thngs on an even keel;
I know well how hard it is to raise kids, work full time and go to school full time too all at the same time. And having to take care of diabetes too can make a person dizzy, meeting yourself coming and going. Marie’s suggestion about our forum on foods is a really good one. Any other questions you have, come on back and ask. We will all help out. My best to you.