How often do you Pee?

i have checked myself for Ketones. Nothing. (good news) But i pee every fifteen or so minutes. not a ton of pee, but pee nevertheless. how often do you pee? what is "normal?" is this just from D? or is this b/c of my very small bladder?

The logical question is, of course, are your blood sugars high? I see your A1C is 8 which is quite high, so when you work on getting that down you may find the frequent peeing goes away. Other question would be: have you been checked for a UTI?

thx. no very high BSs. no ketones. no UTIs. have had extensive testing done with no answers. i know i drink a lot of water, but not so much so that i pee so frequently.

have had some dental surguries recenty and am on heavy duty anti-biotics, but other than that, i cant figure it out.

No judgement intended, DaisyMae, but an A1C of 8.0 is an average of 183, meaning significant numbers higher than that. Unless your A1C has changed since you posted it, that is high blood sugars and could easily account for the frequent peeing.

Are you by chance on hydrochlorothiazide (yes, a mouthful LOL) or another diruetic (water pill)? I have peed frequently since my first pregnancy, but the diuretic makes it ridiculous. I just accept that I have to go a lot, especially in the morning, and take the chance and skip the pill if I have a morning when it would be really inconvenient to pee a lot. (Skipping one day won't kill me I'm sure.)

Hi Daisy Mae,

I don't know what "normal" is for peeing but I do suspect that every 15 minutes is not normal. Is this a new trouble or has it always been this way. I am glad to read that you have already had extensive testing so I'm going to guess it just might be b/c of your very small bladder. I hope it is temporary.

is an average of 183

The canonical "start to spill glucose in urine" number is 180 (although actual threshold really does vary from person to person.)

And there's always the law of industrial stoichiometry... anything you drink will have to come out!