TMI, but here goes

Urinalysis negative
Massive bloodwork tests all normal
Kidney function
Liver function
Vit B and D normal
Thyroid normal
Choles. good.
A1C 6.7 but nurse said BGS level high at 123, laughing to myself that is my favorite number

Oooo and I threw in a mammogram for good measure, negative.

So why oh why do I keep urinating, frequent constant. I am going through high anxiety in my life right now and I am thinking that is the cause, so to go or not to go to Urologist now, as I am tested out and totally exhausted from lack of sleep. Hoping all these good results will fix my head and stop the constant trips to the bathroom almost every hour, grrr!!!

Overactive bladder maybe? You know like the commercials, you may have leaky pipes, LOL. Or the “I gotta go, gotta go” commercial. I don’t mean to make light of your problem because I have been there, done that and I know how frustrating it can be. You might want to go to WebMD or a site like it and research overactive bladder. Then talk to your doc about the possibility. If you don’t get any satisfaction from that then I would definitely head to an urologist.

I love 123 too!

Great A1c Karen! And glad that you got your favorite blood sugar number.

Might be worth a trip to the urologist, just to have peace of mind…