How often do you replace your glucose meter?

How often do you replace your glucose meter?

  • Yearly
  • Every 3 years
  • When it dies
  • When insurance changes my coverage
  • Never

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When new meters come out with improved accuracy or desired features.


When I loose it

I only buy a new one when my insurance company changes which strips they will cover each year. Many times I buy the first and my doctor gives me a backup, as they get many to give out to patients. I currently have 4 hanging around the house and that is after I took many to an electronic waste collection event last year.

I usually upgrade/replace my meter at the same time I upgrade my pump, because they usually send them together since the meter sends the number to the pump. Before they did that, I usually didn’t get a new meter until my previous one stopped working or got damaged.

About five years after that, when I finally hear about the new features.

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When the insurance starts covering different test strips. I was mad I had to give up my Freestyle Lite meter.

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none of those poll answers match my reason.

I have changed meters pretty frequently the past few years as I find good deals on strips, but I used to only change it when (a) my Dr.s office gave me a new one or (b) an offer for a new one came with something from various diabetes companies.

I had my One Touch Ultra Smart meter for 8 years before the price of the strips completely drove me away. I’m using a Contour Next One right now and a One Drop chrome before that.

We always have several on the go here - same type though. Here in Canada, we can get a new meter with each prescription of strips if we wish. My DD has meters in the house, car and school.

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Like @Sprocket1, I’m in Canada and new meters are free with every purchase of strips. In Alberta we don’t need any prescription for either. I must have at least 6 meters in my house and cars.

Manufacturers here treat meters like inkjet printers: cheap or free hardware, as they make the big $$ on monthly strip sales (I probably test 5-6 times a day, strips are about 70cents a piece)

ContourNext meters integrate with Medtronic pumps and come as part of the package when you get or replace one. So I went with “Never” as being the closest, since I’ve never replaced my meter specifically, though I have gotten new ones as part of that process. I have had my insurance try to substitute different test strips (and consequentially a different meter) since ContourNext isn’t in the formulary, but as soon as I tell them I have to use it because it integrates with my pump they drop the objection.

I haven’t changed meters for years because my current meter “talks” to my pump, and others do not.