UGh! I'm not doing so hot.(VENT)

Sorry guys. Stress beat this mama to pieces this week.
It is (isn’t - I wish) that I’m cheating on the diet.(Just cheating in general!) My numbers look pretty good.( I only had a couple of crappy numbers. 267,168 the rest were pretty cool between 87 and 158) hmmm that looks pretty convincing. NOT! I’ve been thru the grill of dealing with the court system/social services/ counselors and hubby getting activated! Anything edible has been chowed on! sigh…
Your fearless leader is taking a step back til sometime next week when I get the house resettled. Hubby heads for his monthly weekend warrior duty ( then in a week and a few days he will go for his activation)and I am gonna try to just clean/do laundry and chase kids. ( I sure hope this weekend weather has lots of sunshine in store!)
I stepped on the scales today and in two days time I gained 3 pounds!! UGH!!!
I wanna quit diabetes and just live!!! ( without feeling like I Have to be a perfect person.)
Need some groceries in the house that wont kill me. Right now the budget is tight enough to not dare sneeze. Hopefully next week a decent paycheck will show up and I can buy some fresh fruit and good stuff for a change.
I’m so tired of being judged.:frowning:
MeadowLark in my cruddy mode. feeling really kicked in the pants.

Sorry MeadowLark, it is definitely not easy. You sound like your life is very hard. I eat stuff I shouldn’t when I am tired and emotionally drained.
It is so expensive to eat healthy. We are doing ok (only one kids vs how many???) but with two type 1’s in the house, I spend a fortune on fresh stuff and then feel guilty if I eat it! (or maybe that is just an excuse because I really would rather eat bread or chips or pasta…)
The scales aren’t always really accurate. We fluctuate from day to day.
I will be cleaning and doing laundry here all weekend (although I cant’ imagine the piles you must have!) :slight_smile:
Tomorrow is a new day. You have encouraged me today. Keep going. Being healthy and energetic is so important. I’m not too far from the computer if you need me (although I am going to try to get some sleep shortly!) Night checking my son is catching up with me. I need about 10 good hours but would be very happy with 6 or 7. :slight_smile: Goodnight

Thankyou Angela,
My main problem is a yo-yo with depression due to the circumstances. I live with alot going on all the time. Actually, I dont think there has ever been a day without total stress or the melt down of someone in my house due to the mental health issues we live with.
I keep thinking I should be able to handle all of the stress all of the time. Some days (more often than not) I go thru it. I have a good fair amount of up days… but when Iget hit bad… it’s down until something gives me a fraction to get up. It doesnt usually take long to get me back… it’s just whatever that magical thing is that I havent figured out what “it” is yet. LOL! That sounds long! crud. I wanna lay in bed and cry today. sorry, see ya later.

Thanks, MeadowLark, for being candid and honest. Damn, don’t we all just feel that way sometimes? Who doesn’t wish they could just quit diabetes (oh, and drop those extra 5-100 pounds for good). I just joined this group, but look forward to the support and encouragement, to give and receive. I always thought losing weight with t1 diabetes (or t2) was a different battle than others faced, so I’m glad we can talk about it here.

Amylia Grace,
I think losing weight as a type 1 would be very difficult. My husband is type 1 and has gained an extra 5-10 in the last 2 years or so. He can’t seem to lose it. Trying to change insulin levels with less food and more exercise is a lot of work. I don’t have to worry about that with type 2. I just need to pay more attention to what I eat and work at it. I hope you find this place helpful!

Hey, lady, I know how you feel.

I have a dead thyroid along with Type 2, so this is the first time I’ve had any luck losing weight from diet, but it seems to be working this time for some reason.

But this week has been killer from stress, too. My Mom went into the hospital with a BG of 500 or so last Wednesday, and she needs some help, so I’m flying to southern Illinois to help her for a week to give her a hand. She’s not getting this “control blood sugar” thing…so I need to give her some lessons. And she’s been real depressed since my father passed away last December.

On a different note, weighed in on Monday, 288…lost two more pounds.


{{{{Gwen}}}} Thankyou:) Angela and Amylia Grace:)
I sure appreciate being able to let this “weight” hang out. Being able to talk
thru the ups and downs of this mess does help.

Gwen, I hope your mom is online:) get her to sign in here and she can explore and learn!
me thinks that I hit the duldrums pretty bad a couple of days ago. I’m still kinda feeling low emotionally. I guess the support thing here at home is bugging me more than I thought it was. I’m trying really hard to explain to my family what I need and what I want to do. So far, they’re ok with me doing whatever I want… sigh… I just want them
to make it so that I can eat a meal with them, without having to “avoid” some food.
I’ll keep working on it.