How to Get The Word Out?

In my humble opinion it is websites like Manny's and mine at and this dynamic group and others like it that can have a real impact on slowing down the ravages of Diabetes thru persistent education.

I recently wrote an article about the possibility of a coming diabetes epidemic with the aging of 78 million baby boomers in the next decade. Many of them are already overweight. As folks age they tend to become more sedentary anyhow. Many of them will be on limited budgets which does not bode well for a good diet.

As you know it isn't cheap to eat properly.

Any ideas on how we can elevate the level of discussion and educate others? I personally am at a loss with a 33 yr old son of mine who is going to get Diabetes-I can tell by looking at him. My gentle urgings to change his ways are falling on deaf ears.

This may be symptomatic of the whole generation. 'It is so hard to envision how this can happen to me.'