How to let others know that you are diabetic?

I am always seraching for new ways to let the “outside” world know that I am “special” and came across a decal for the car…anyone else find different ways besides the traditional bracelet/necklace/care card route??? (kinda mispelled)

I friend of mine had the medical sign and the word “diabetes” tatooed to his left forearm. I’ve considered maybe getting a small one done on my chest.

Well…I would go with the traditional bracelet route - so you have it on your person, not just on your car. Check out the bracelets on N-Style ID. Pretty cool. I hid my diabetes for too many years and am now completely open about it. Wearing an insulin pump certainly helps. Just testing in the open also helps build awareness about type 1 diabetes. Just be willing to answer lots of questions if you tell a group of 25 2nd graders like I did.

Hi Samantha!

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