Why do YOU come back to TuDiabetes?

In the spirit of another discussion that started a couple of days ago, I thought it would be special to share: Why do members keep coming back?

About 50% of the visitors to the site (this includes members and non-members) are returning visitors.

Why do YOU come back? What do you get out of TuDiabetes?

I come back to to be a part of a rare, special and unique community.


Thanks for starting this topic!

I come back for the fact that I can learn from other’s about both Types and I think of this as a wonderful site to learn from. I was gone for over 2 years I think it was (not b/c I was upset with this site but b/c I had some computer trouble then wasn’t around any computer for a long time but when I got one this was the 1st place I went to) The comeroty here is really great! I LOVE IT HERE!

I keep learning new stuff here and I like the style of writing that many commenters have here.

I come back because I learn a lot from the different people here. This site has been very helpful to me dealing with not just my diabetes but with other stuff too. The members here are awesome and very supportive. This I have seen personally a few times. And TuDiabetes saved my live last year when I tried to end it. This is why I come back.

Oh and I feel like in some small way I can help other’s smile or give support to them in this life. I look upon this as my 2nd family.

TuDiabetes is a great place. It is nice to be able to talk to other people with the same problems. You can learn about different things and get to read first-hand experiences with different products. For the most part, the community is very friendly and supportive.

Because there is a fantastic and knowledgeable and giving group of people on TuD. I don’t need any other diabetes-oriented website.

I keep coming back because I need the education, mostly about diabetes but honestly about life. I realize that this answer is somewhat philosophical; Miss Miss is talking reality, which is really sobering. Whatever, this website is lifesaving–and sometimes entertaining. I mean, the threads that are “silly” are also entertaining! And I truly value the friendships I’ve made here.

Oh and TuD is like my 2nd family.

Well, here at Tud I got most of the motivation to start my journey to a healthier life, while being in touch with people who did change their lives and diabetes management to the better i felt encouraged to do the same. Here I have found information and support, friends that even though I didn’t meet in person (yet), I already love them.

There you go Miss Miss!

Useful information, kibbitzing, “tastes great, less filling”, bar room brawls…

To see if acidrock really said what they say he said.
To steal drinks while others are engaged in a bar room brawl.
To hang with my diabetic peeps.
To help if I can.
To remind myself that I’m not alone.
To win fabulous prizes.

What do mean there are no prizes?

One of my luckiest days when I stumbled upon this community as a newbie. Soon as I joined, I was welcomed & felt at home. Soon as I got up the courage to post a discussion, members offered guidance. Nowhere else have I witnessed this outpouring of genuine support & sharing of knowledge. (I checked out other DOCs & was put off by the flaming–eek.) The kindness, smiles & info keep me coming back. I’ve learned more here than I have from my doctors & learn something new here all the time.

I come for give, and I come for take. I try to give as much information and support and caring as I’m capable of doing, and I take away support and information and caring relationships, even if I have never met these people in person.

I have been in the DOC for about 18 or 19 years, and have seen the best and the worst of it – and I can truthfully say that I think TuD is among the best. The administration does its best to prevent or nip flame wars in the bud, and I feel like the vast majority of people here are doing their best to be kind and friendly and accepting of each other. While there is room for disagreement, and nobody (including the administration) is perfect, I think they are doing the best that can be done. And that’s certainly good enough for me! :slight_smile:

And I STILL haven’t matched acidrock’s incredible 70’s flatline! :slight_smile:

I was looking for a site that taught me what I needed to know about diabetic life, delivered in a non hectoring way, so different from my so-called ‘team’. You have given me courage to junk the team and find a dr. who suits me better, and I have learned so much about how to get my bg’s down. Along with laughs and fun that can be found on the site. Possibly the laughter is the most important part of the group, life would get too depressing without.

Ha ha! Hi Danny! Yeah, good way to promote them! :slight_smile:

Well said Natalie. Since I am fairly new “member” to the site (December of 2010), I tend to stick to discussions that have content of interest to me. For the reason I found your site and the reason I’ll stay is to further my knowledge of Diabetes. I am here for my son, but what I didn’t expect to find was the kind of caring support members give each other. I have parents and in-laws that don’t get it, yet you guys do. I got to tell my story of my type 1 grandmother who was diagnosed the year after insulin was discovered, what endo has time to listen to that. Hoping to get her memiors from my mom tommorrow. Will share. You guys have helped me decided what pump my son would like the best, the right cgm for us, resource books, and all around better info than any medical “team” was giving us. I have only time online for happy thoughts and useful information exchange, and supportive friendships. Thanks all!

Don’t think we’ll be matching acidrock’s flatline either, my teen’s planets aren’t alined yet!

Simply put, THIS IS A GREAT GROUP!! good information, thanks for all you do.