How to sign up for Dexcom G7 clinical trial?

Just curious if anyone here is enrolled in the trial, or know how to find out how to volunteer for it? Thanks

I know @Sally7 has done trials and may have suggestions.

Not clear if Dexcom has started G7 trials, or still postponing due to COVID. I’ve done a few trials on here. It’s a clearing house for all the different studies world wide

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I have also used the link for some trials. But I am on the list at the two clinics in the area and I get called frequently. I will say, sometimes just calling the company works. I did that for the Viactye stem cell study. There was an article in our paper, I called and got the contact number for the trial coordinator and history was made. I was very pushy and annoying with my calls every few months. And they kept putting me off because I was a woman and they wanted to wait. But my perseverance paid off and was the first woman in the trial! History was made! Just kidding but the nurses were pretty excited!
Anyway, I would try first and than maybe Dexcom themselves. Good luck. I will say, I have learned a lot doing everyone of the trials. And sometimes the amount of paperwork is incredible.