How to Type A Blog When You Are Having A Hypo In 5 Easy Steps

Well, lately at a website I frequent (besides Tudiabetes - we rock !!!) I’ve not been able to post into forums or blogs without having to reach the administrators due to their website having problems with folks like myself using Firefox. And now again, having issues with logging on, but I’m taking advantage of having a hypo – e.g. low blood sugar. I want to write a blog in this frame of mine to see what sort of nonsense comes off my fingertips.

I generally don’t like to work in this condition – as I told the kind Admin dude at the other end as he asked me for details of what is occurring while I try to post this blog – I told him – “I’m in hypo land – I’m not wanting to respond to you at the moment as I’m not quite here - let me write my blog”. I’m one of the fortunate ones (no comment from the peanut gallery – ahhh – what the heck go ahead and give me your comments below) that knows when they are low. I can deal with it and still function – in what I think is probably a semi-comical way (Just For Laughs Comedy Festival is here in Montreal should I go and do a street act?). I don’t get hypos that often thank goodness, less more now then when I was on MDI (multiple dosage injections) – but they happen.

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