Where do You Wear It?

I am getting closer and closer to getting a pump. My endo has a relationship with the Omnipod people. Where do you wear it? Are you able to hide it? It remains in one spot for 3 days, I think, so you can’t move it around to accommodate clothing. Do you just get dressed and ignore the bump?

I am within a month or so of getting the pod myself. I have found alot of info from pod users here: http://tudiabetes.com/group/omnipodusers.

Actually you go to myomnipod.com to get your free sample pod. I just tried the it myself and it really isn’t that bad. Even in my tightest shirt you could barely see it. There are places you can put it that unless you go naked you will never see it. I wore mine on my side and my arms covered it most of the time. Good luck.

Thanks! I actually do have one…albeit one with velcro…like I am going to attach it to myself that way! The local rep sent it to me. My curiosity has more to do with where you need to place it in order for it to be effective, as well as discreet.


I wear my Pod on my back, stomach and I am going to try my thigh. You can’t really notice the bump! I wear form fitting clothes, you can see the bump but not has much as you think. You have to keep the pod in the same spot for 3 days, some people change it after 2. The first week of using the pod was the weird but after that I got use to it. Are you thinking about getting the pod? if so you can check out my blog and Amy T.'s website

From what I understand it is effective pretty much anywhere such as your abdomen, your sides, your lower back, your thighs, the backs of your arms or most anywhere that there is a little bit of fatty tissue. I don’t blame you for not wanting to attach it with velcro. That wouldn’t really give you a true test of how it feels anyway. The one you get from myomnipod.com is a real pod you just don’t fill it with insulin and you don’t have the PDM so you can’t insert the canula, etc. Give it a try. It helps you know how it will feel and look.

Hi Rolland…I just took time to read through a lot of the posts. Interesting. It sounds as though some people have skin issues with the attachment factor. Also…beeping? Hmmm…

Hi Elaine. I just started wearing the OmniPod after spending 13 years on a Minimed. With Minimed I was pretty much limited to placement due to the tube connecting the pump to the infusion site. Now on the Omnipod I’ve been wearing it on the back of my arms and currently have placed one on my inner thigh. You are correct that you move these every 3 days. While wearing the pod on the back of my arms I found that a Polo short sleeve shirt hid it nicely. It can be worn on your lower back, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, arms so there are a lot more choices for relocation. Sure the tighter your clothes the more you’ll see a bulge from the pod but in todays fashion designs tight clothes are not the in thing so it makes wearing this that much easier. And should you be wearing it and someone sees it and asks about it, it’s a perfect opportunity to educate them about diabetes and how technology has improved our lives. Good luck.

Thanks, Bob.

That’s an easy one for me. I’m a guy so it is almost always clipped to my belt. I don’t try to hide it but don’t particularly show it off either. In the mornings on the weekend I am normally wearing shorts or sweats so it is in my pocket.