Starting a support diabetes group in your area.Help is as near if you need it

Welcome from TORONTO, where INSULIN was discovered by DRS.BANTING & BEST, July 30 1921 I was born in MONTREAL, raised in WINDSOR,live here since1939.Worked as a porter for CNR for 25 years. Insulin-dependent since 1977, I have reached 40.000 people as a ROLE MODEL, throught the years, at health fairs; weekly commnity health , on NEWTON CABLE, HEALTH, HERE and NOW, You can start a group and call it, TOGETHER WE CAN BEAT DIABETES. The group would consist of equal numbers of youth(16 -25) and seniors. It would be a win-win situation, because they could teach each other.Contact AMIGO Keep in touch

It is another great idea from you,Sir.Inspired by you and by young members who are very enthusistic to advocate for diabetes.I will try to do something similar in Riyadh.