Restoring the banting homestead

I am a 90 year,young geezer, insulin-dependent since 1977. Living in TORONTO,ONTARIO,CANADA,where INSULIN was discovered by DRS.BANTING & BEST, JULY 30 1921, I am challenging insulin users, worldwide, who are enjoying a healthe lifestyle, to join me JULY 30 annually, have a moment of silence and give THANKS for this CANADIAN MEDICAL MIRACLE. A small group of diabetic ‘role models’ has formed THE BLUE ROSE DIABETES FOUNDATION, as a fund raising project to restore the BANTING HOMESTEAD, and turn it into a camp for diabetic children. We use the blue rose as our symbol, because one its qualities is ‘attaining the impossible’ that is our mission. If interested in supporting this project, check out, If you visit toronto, have diabetes, and would like to see the lab where insulin was discovered, arrangements can be made, maybe a surprise visit to the BANTING HOMESTEAD, in ALLISTON,ONTARIO. DR.JOSLIN from Boston once said that the person who knows more about diabetes,will live the LONGEST. ,e-mail;

Thank you for sharing this information Clarence. I searched and read all about Dr. Banting and Dr. Best about their amazing discovery. They saved my son’s life and millions of others. If I ever get down to Toronto again, I will surely try to visit the Banting Homestead.

Thanks for your reply to my information on the Restoration of the Banting homestead. As a 90 year,young, insulin-dependent since 1977,I feel diabetics who are living a healthy lifestyle, should stand up and be counted and support in any way the restoration. Also I diabetics to ensure having a ‘positive’ way of dealing with this ‘silent killer’ is to follow ‘basic rules’. have a diabetic educator, wear a MEDIC-ALERT bracelet, most of all have a diabetic buddy as a daily contact. Someone you feel comfortable with sharing similar problems and finding solutions together. Join a small support group, and as a team give diabetes a united force to be reckoned with. Share information with others and they can be like me.A HAPPY DIABETIC,ASK ME WHY.Should you get to TORONTO,don’t forget to contact me and we will visit the BANTING HOMESTEAD, together.

On August 27 this year,I will be a younger 91,learning how to operate a computer, and finding it a fantastic challenge, and am wondering if there are other diabetics, in their nineties, we can compare notes and swap experiences. By telling our experiences we can be shining examples to younger newly diagnosed diabetics. We may be able to set up a network, worldwide.Lets,together,see if we can open a new horizon for diabetes.

THAT is so sweet to hear!!! I’m from Nova Scotia but what your doing is SO cool!!! If you need any artist to submit anything :slight_smile: I’m game my forte!

Hello Jess, I have an idea, that you might want to pursue. Can you design a tshirt with a slogan 'DO YOU HAVE A DIABETIC BUDDY? IF NOT,CAN I APPLY FOR THE JOB? It could be in blue letters on a white shirt. Also make a design with BLUE CIRCLE and a drawing of youth and a senior holding hands within the circle, outside the circle the words, TOGETHER,WE CAN. I am asking all members of tudiabetes that are my friends set up a small group of equal numbers of youths(16 -25) and seniors,working together, a suggested name for the group could be called YOUSEN Work with as many diabetics as you can in your area. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Keep in touch. AMIGO