What are YOU doing for World Diabetes Day?!

Here comes World Diabetes Day!!

World Diabetes Day (WDD) is an annual campaign created by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and and World Health Organization (WHO) in 1991. It is celebrated every November 14th - the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, who is credited with the discovery of insulin in 1921 - and engages millions of people worldwide to raise public awareness about diabetes.

People celebrate WDD with parties, fairs, educational talks, group walks, dances and more, all in the glow of the blue lights that have come to symbolize diabetes awareness.

IDF has a number of useful resources to arm us with information and ways to participate in the awareness-raising this year:

How are YOU going to celebrate this year? Is there an event in your local area for World Diabetes Day? If so, please tell us about it in the thread below!

If you'd like to help spread public awareness about diabetes and the importance of World Diabetes Day, print and hand out the attached file!

502-WDDfinal.pdf (4.42 MB)

The Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation, located in Banting's home town of Alliston, Canada, is celebrating World Diabetes Day with a series of interesting events from November 10 to 15. Check them out!

I'm going to wear BLUE!

This will be my daughter's first World Diabetes Day since she was diagnosed with Type 1. Until several weeks ago, when a 6th-grade boy was diagnosed with Type 1, my daughter was the only kid with Type 1 in her entire middle school. When I spoke with her about getting her school to acknowledge World Diabetes Day, she said "They won't do anything. There's only two of us, so they don't care." With some persistence I was able to convince the powers that be to have a "Wear Blue to School Day" on November 14. This will mean so much to my daughter and her "diabuddy."

That is SO WONDERFUL, Rose!!! Good for you, and for your daughter (and that other kid with T1D at her school). I wonder what it will be like for her to see her peers taking notice of diabetes. Please tell us, after it happens!

Rose, please take pictures and post them on your profile page

I am going to blog. Topic not yet selected, but I think the best I can do this year is blog. Oh and no it likely wont be specifically about WDD, I mean yes I will certainly mention it, but about WDD? Naw there will be enough of those. No preaching, no celebration of WDD, but yes a blog. I hope everyone has a great WDD. Hang in there everyone, remember the 5 year cure is right around the corner… rick

We love you Dr Banting!!

I will take the time to say a prayer of support for all the small kids with T1d…as I read here on this wonderful .org of all the concerned parents fighting the good fight to allow their kids to have a good chldhood…I am in awe at their dedication! Then I might sneak in a wish for a CGM as meducare denies me this…and I truly need it. Wearing blue but not BLUE!

I'm going to wear my "I'm with Stupid" shirt, that has an arrow pointing to a picture of a pancreas... I'll probably post Diabetes facts on my facebook all day. And I'm going out to eat. Ha! That's terrible. But I am.

Blue, IDF circle pin, yoga, lift weights...

For World Diabetes Day this year I'm going to an elementary school with Mike and Manny (of Diabetes Hands Foundation), to do Big Blue Tests with kids in gym classes all day! After that, I'll be handing out flyers (attached, feel free to print and use!) about diabetes and World Diabetes Day in Berkeley, CA, with other local members of the Diabetes Online Community.

I'm really looking forward to it!

507-WDDfinal.pdf (4.42 MB)

Wear blue, spam my friends with diabetes knowledge and show off my beautiful nails!!

One of my buddies called and I made last minute plans to go see Peter Hook @ a club which should be fun! Joy Division/ New Order set. One of my friends is a huge JD fan and recommended his show a lot so I'm looking forward to it. I'll bring a spare blue circle pin to see if I can hurl it onstage or something...maybe two to give one to the bouncer...hmmmm....

Made my first vlog

Made my first youtube diabetes awareness video, check it out!

I spent 3 hours with an out of control on triple therapy type 2 friend (only 45 yo) introducing him to carb counting and how to use safely use mdi insulin. He stopped the triple therapy yesterday, only retaining metformin, and started insulin yesterday. Will continue to act as his resource person in the next weeks as he adjusts his insulin.

I went to see my cde and I now have two pump insets which I'm trying out in me as well as my dex sensor! Yes, it's going to happen, me trying a pump most likely lol. Hope everyone had a great day :-)

Painted myself to look like a smurf.

Ate a giant piece of grass fed beef.

I read diabetes related stories to my classes. It opened many doors to discussion and better understanding, as we have students, also, at school with diabetes.