Huge Font

All of a sudden the font on my forums seems to have grown and it's way too large. Has that happened to everyone? I went into settings but the only font size I could see that I had control over was on my profile.

Perhaps the font size in your browser is set too high. Try ctrl and the minus key. You can zoom in and out by repeatedly pressing the + and - to make things easier to read.

So it's not a TuD thing that everyone sees. I'll try what you said. It just started this a couple days ago, but this is a relatively new laptop and I think I sometimes inadvertently hit something I don't mean to.

Wow, it worked! Thank you!

Easy to do, esp. on a laptop.

Are you using a laptop Zoe? On mine a lot of time the font will change when I'm typing...not so much the font but the zoom on the page. And all the words will be REALLY huge, or microscopic. If you are using Windows go up to your tool bar and click on page, then zoom, and you can adjust it there. Lol ok it would so help if I read other people's replies. LOL I have found on my laptop, if I lock the mousepad, and buy a wireless mouse, I don't have that problem.

Yeah, it seems like the new touch pads (I just got a new laptop recently) are hypersensitive, but I prefer a touchpad, so I think I'll just see if there is somewhere I can reduce the sensitivity. I'm never surprised though when technology seems to have a mind of its own -shades of HAL!

In addition to the keys badmoon has mentioned: the combination ctrl and 0 will always reset to standard values. This will show the page like it has been planned by the designers.

On my touch pad if you put 2 digits on the pad touching and then move them apart, you will zoom in. The problem comes when the touch pad mis interprets something you have done. Actually, this is one of the strengths of HTML in that layouts are fluid, unless the web page author chooses to make things rigid on purpose.

Thanks guys, I know my belief that computers have "a mind of their own" is because I don't understand things but I like to anthropomorphicize! So is there a way to make the pad less sensitive to random passes that do things?

What operating system are you using? There will be a control panel located somewhere to adjust things like sensitivity of the touch pad. On my Dell Windows 7 machine you can go to Control Panel --> Mouse and there is a tab for "Dell Touch Pad"

Personally I like mine set pretty sensitive as I think it is easier for everyday use, I just fix any misinterpretations as they happen. Now that you know how to fix the problem it just takes a second to fix. Since I have "Old Eyes" I'm constantly zooming in and out to make reading easier and also to either zoom into a graphic or make it fit the screen.

Yes, I also have a Dell Windows 7; I probably could have figured that out for myself, but it was easier

That zooming does sound like it might come in handy now that I know how to do it. What I do hate is when I brush something somewhere that immediately deletes everything I've just typed or else moves the cursor so I'm typing in the middle of the page instead of the end!

I too have had the delete problem happen a few times, very frustrating. All of these problems can be avoided by training yourself not to rest your fingers and thumbs on the touch pad ...... easier said than done though:)