Humalog insulin pens help!

So i have pack of 5 unopened humalog insulin pens. They expire 10-2012. My doctor to use novalog instead. So now I have this insulin unopened that i paid about $ 300 dollars for. What can I do with this no? I can not take it back to the pharmacy so what do i do with it.? I spend this money and i do not just want it to sit. Any suggestions or can i sell it? What do you recommoned?

Samantha, I’m sorry we are not allowed to sell or even give away prescription items. here is the page from our terms of use

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Perhaps you can ask your doctor.

Unless you were having problems with Humalog, I would just use them up. Tell your doctor you will switch once you use the insulin you have now.

If you are pumping and still using Humalog, then you can withdraw the contents of the pen into the cartridge using the reservoir needle. That was you don’t waste it.

You can donate it so people that don’t have heath care will have insulin. I forget the name of the company that does this. Maybe someone here can name it???

Also my local diabetes center takes donations. Yours probably does also.

I would just use it up and then switch…

Well, I 've had both and haven’t found a difference
That being said… Why not just keep using it up and not tell your Dr.?

I’d use the Humalog pens. Why throw $300 away?

Did your doctor say why he prefers Novolog? Some docs are just set on certain brands. Maybe it’s because that’s the pharm rep who visits regularly. If you’re not having problems with Humalog, why switch? After you’ve gone through your Humalog, ask your doc for a free sample of Novolog. They always have freebies & you can decide if there’s an advantage to Novolog.

It’s illegal to sell prescription meds anywhere.