Humlog or Novolog?

Hey guys-

Just wondering which is best for the OmniPod, and if one will make you gain more weight than the other(or help you to lose weight)? I've never taken either, I'm still on Lantus only (and I've gained about 10 lbs), but my endo and I are making our way towards the pump.

Prior to going on the Pod I was on Levemir and Novolog. I gained 10+ lbs with the Levemir. It came off after I went on the pod and just used the Novolog. I am also on Symlin, which helps to lose weight as well.

Is Symlin used for something else besides weight gain? I will ask my doctor about it, because he is well aware of my love/hate relationship with insulin.

I’ve always been on Novolog and before the pump I also used Lantus and never gained weight from either. Lantus is a slow 24 hour insulin and Novolog is the insulin used with each meal. I no longer take Lantus due to a scheduled Novolog drip throughout the day. The pump is an AMAZING improvement over guessing game needles and I absolutely love it. Good luck.