I’m new to the pod and I also started the Dexcom at the same time few weeks ago. It is spring turkey season here in NE Florida and opening day was last weekend. I have learned from past experience to place my cell phone on silence and not vibrate. It’s amazing how much noise “vibrate” can make when your in the woods mixed with other loose items. So I put the Dex in my breast pocket in case it started to buzz, but leave the PDM in the truck. I hike a couple of hundred yards to a spot and set up under a nice oak tree just as the sun is starting peek through the trees. A little bit later the calm of the morning is broke by “Beep Beep Beep, Beep Beep Beep”!!! I have been scouting this area for weeks just for this one morning and my belly is beeping every 15 minutes and no way of squelching it. I slipped back to the truck and checked the PDM, “Beep Beep Beep” Pod expired. I knew it was going to expire that morning and had a new one in my pack to replace it I just had not planned on the alarm.

Lesson learned and I’m glad I was not 35 feet up a pine tree 30 minutes from the truck in a climber during deer season to learn this lesson. The pod expiration is one more thing to add to my check list and the PDM is one more thing to add to my pack.

Any one else have any tips so I don’t ruin a day in the woods?

Just so you know, you have several hours (up to 8) before the pod actually quits so you should be able to avoid the change in a tree somewhere. As long as you have enough insulin you can “OK” the change pod alarm and it shouldn’t alarm again and then wait to change it. And just so you know, there’s also an “out of insulin” alarm, although I’ve never heard that one!

Being an avid hunter myself I have delt with many issues as far as being in the woods! First I always look at when I might be getting close to expiration and if i think it will be giving me that alarm you are talking about i’ll put the PDM in my hunting pack. Now I understand that you might not always take your bag when your chasing after that gobbler but it just depends on when that alarm might be sounding. And like barb says above the pod will not acctually stop working until 8 hours after the expiration time! The other night we were out hunting hogs. We shot 10 and went back to camp to clean a couple of them. Needless to say my pod had expired earlier in the day prior to the hunt. Well by the time we had delt with everything and finished I reached the 8 hour “end of the line” alarm. So I then had to change weather I liked it or not. I never want to have to change a pod in the woods but it might happen one day. I almost knocked one off this weekend tailing a gobbler so i guess time will tell. It’s a very interesting deal for sportsman like ourselves to keep up with the pod and the dexcom while out hunting and doing other outdoor activites. But i have seemed to manage pretty well through deer and duck season.(duck season was a little harder with the dex because of all the water but I made it work! Good luck with all this and good luck on bagging that bird! Post a picture of it when you do would love to see it. I know I plan to put mine up once I get him!

You can kill the beeping with a paperclip! Just shove it in the whole on the top of the pod, its located off center closer to the cannula part.

Thanks for the tips. I have a few more things to haul around and add to my planning.

You can’t turn the alarms off, they will sound every hour during that last 8 hours. When we are pushing a pod past the 72 hours, it drives my daughter a little batty but sometimes she has to do it so that we can get back on schedule when a pod was changed out late at night for some reason. Even if you acknowledge it, it will continue to sound every hour.