I am New to this

I am not sure if this is even going to show up on any type of page lol. I have had type 1 diabetes for 12 years, and have been on the pump before and i am nervous to go on it again because i dont want to gain weight and it seems to be the number 1 side effect. my new pump is suppose to be coming tuesday. I am so nervous

It showed up :slight_smile: Welcome to the TuD family Tricia.

It’s my understanding that the cause of weight gain on a pump is overeating. Because folks can pretty much eat what/when they want, some tend to eat more. Stick to what you usually eat.

I love my pump (and haven’t gained weight)!

I’d dropped from 275 to maybe 225-230 before I got my pump and am at 180 now. Nobody really mentions it all that much but the record keeping functions the pump can do are extremely useful for losing weight. If you are eating 200G of carbs/ day and run up, it’s easy to track. I find it pretty easy to look for “spare” carbs I can cut out and use to lose weight. I am not a “low carb” person as I still put away maybe 150/ day (5’10"…) but it’s probably less than a lot of my peers eat and seems to work. Diabetes is always a science project and a pump is a great tool to blow it up with.

I have found that I am losing weight. I am much more aware of what I eat since it is so important to count carbs. If you have thesettings right for your pump you don’t have nearly as many lows that you need to compensate for with food. It has been a big help for me and my weight.

hiTricia,i have been thinking now for a while to get on the pump...I'm getting excited about having something stuck to me all the timebut i have to do it cause my sugars are way high all the time,thanks for the info..