I am not happy with Starbucks today

I am totally frustrated at Starbucks today! I went to the one near my house and ordered my new favorite drink, a tall light coffee frappicuno with sugar free vanilla syrup. I have had this many times over the past few weeks, no problems with the blood sugars afterwards. I bolused for 20g of carb (which is what I have been doing for the past two weeks and it worked perfect) and went on my merry way.

30 minutes later my DexCom starts screaming at me that I my BG is rising at a super fast rate so I check my sugar. 170, a little high but not unheard of so I just head home. 10 minutes later the Dex is still screaming at me telling me I am now well over 200. WTF? I test again. Now I am 252! The Dex is telling me that I am still climbing so I check the usual suspects and make sure there are no bubbles in my tubing. Everything looks good so I call the Starbucks and talk to the kid behind the counter. I go there often enough that the staff knows me (that is a bad sign I am sure!). I ask the kid if he can ask the barista if he remembers if he gave me a light, sugar free frapucinno or a regular one. The barista thinks about it and says “oh crap! I think I made you the regular kind! The light coffee frap mix container we keep in the fridge isn’t there! It’s sitting in the sink, we forgot to wash it and refill it earlier today! Thanks for reminding me I needed to do this. Do you want to come back and get a free one for your trouble?” I tell him no, that is OK, I don’t need anymore today anyways and thank him for checking for me. So now I know why my BGs are close to 300 as a regular coffee frappicuno with vanilla has over 50g of carbs in it!

Lesson learned here, when I go to a coffee place and order a drink, when they hand it to me I need to make sure I ask if it is the sugar free light version I asked for. Yeesh…I guess I will be doing the low carb thing the rest of the day until my sugars come down.

Oh Suzanne - know what you’re going through - had the same thing with Cappuchinos + Latte’s !! - its sooo annoying that even a Coffee can put those sugars out !- prefer the taste of them - but is it somthing -even in the milk - that caues the increase in the blood sugars - !! maybe too much of it in the mixture !! - - I hate having to settle for the Regualar coffee + Milk - just not the same !! - but possibly easier on the blood sugars ! - endured exactly the same just today !!

Would it be worthwhile mentioning this incident to the Manager ??

The sugars finally are back in range, at least it didn’t take too long! I thought about reporting it but I feel I have some ownership since I didn’t check. I ALWAYS check and ask "is this diet/sugar free/light when I get any type of drink when out. This crew up at this particular location are usually awesome, maybe they were just having a bad day. I have been going there for 4 years now and it is the first mess up they have done.

taking responsibility with this issue is a feather in your cap Suzanne …glad to read numbers have come in the range …

honestly you could mention it to the manager, but all they can really do is give you a free drink or two. Next time ask to see the bottle? just a guess, good luck

What a pain! I’m actually in the annoying habit of asking 2-3 times. When I order a drink and when they give it to me… just to make sure. They always look at me thinking how annoying I am. Oh well…

I just avoid the whole fancy coffee drinks and add my own extras to my coffee or tea. Then I know for sure what I am getting. McDonalds did the same to me, but with a diet coke…I watched the girl put regular coke in the cup(yes, this was years ago before self serve). Luckily the manager saw it too. When I asked the girl she said yes it was diet…the manager walked over and dumped the soda and gave me my meal free with a huge apology.

honestly you shouldn’t feel to angry about it, only because i’ve been a waitress before and it’s easy to forget the little things. Try handing out over 20+(hey the biggest party i had was over 50 people) drinks and try to keep those in order while mixing alcoholic drinks (don’t get me started on trying to refill those drinks, hand food out, etc). It’s human error, tell them the mistake they made and get it fixed, if it keeps on happening then take your business elsewhere or be more persistent in seeing what’s in your drink. Who’s to say the fountain diet coke is really diet coke! lol

domo, I think I was just frustrated because I ended up high. I wasn’t mad at the guy who mixed the drink just frustrated at the results of the mistake. I get that mistakes happen which is why I didn’t call the manager, screaming my head off (one of my coworkers said I should do this but I just couldn’t).