I am touched

I work in the oil and gas industry - with a reputation for rough characters. I work with a few. But one of them made a gesture that just touched my heart, and made me fall over laughing all at once.

This coworker, tough and mean on the exterior, was in my office talking to me when he noticed syringes on my desk. I use them for Symlin. He asked if I still used "needles", and I gave him the short answer yes, those and a pump. I then got the short history of his dog's fight with diabetes, ending with his beloved hound's blindness and death.

Yesterday, said character walks into my office with a brand-spanking new container of 100 animal grade syringes, complete with their own sharps container with Fido emblazoned on the side. He explained that he wouldn't be needing the syringes any longer since the dog's death, and he thought I could put them to good use.

I thanked him, and let him escape my office before the embarrassment of doing something nice overcame him. Then I sat down with amazement and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

I may keep the container of large bore, super-long syringes intact sitting on the mantle - Fido gazing from the front panel out on the living room, as a reminder - people do care!


What a wonderful story and I agree, people do care. It is nice to meet them once in awhile :wink:

oh bless his heart, what a good kind man :O) x

Very sweet story and you might have done him as much good as he did you in helping him mourn his pet.

By the way I give my cat daily subcutaneous fluids for her kidneys, and wince everytime I pull out the huge needles. It also makes me grateful I don’t have fur when I think I have the needle in her skin and it’s hiding inside her fur and water squirts out all over us both!

So sweet makes all the nasty people go to the back of the queue.
Bless his heart.

aww! bless his heart! and yours too! how sweet! :wink:
i don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

That a nice story about the heart that lies below the surface.

Aaawww, what a great story! One to remember always.