I became a pumper

Hey everyone- boy has it been long since I have posted anything. Today was an exciting day for me as I am officially a “pumper”. I have a pink Ping and I am very excited about all the neat little things it can do. even the pharmacist today asked for a little inservice. I am looking towards my first night without much trepidation; considering Steven…who knows maybe her will be in the room watching over tonight. I think tonight will be the hardest. I was so nervous this morning that I had some difficulty pulling the inset out of the container without pullout the cannula. I am looking forward to feeling more normal ( if that is possible). I can’t wait to get through the next two weeks. No snacks- that is hard to swallow since I am us to snacking three times a day. Talk to you tomorrow.

Hi Marsha , I understand and have empathy , why you feel the way you do . I am awere of Steven’s passing .

I was nervous too , when I started pumping ( 2001 ) …actually it took me an hour then to do an infusion set change .
A good plan to wake at about 2 or 3 am maybe a priority and check your BG ; would not be surprised of your pump trainer has coached you to do that as you likely start with night time basal rates testing …
My question same as Dave …NO snacking …what is the reason behind this ?
Thinking of you

Marsha …how are you making out ? I tell you , when I started pumping , I had NO time for discussions of this caliber …so understand if we don’t hear for a while …hang tough !

Congratulations on becoming a pumper! My son, Jude, is also on the ping (not pink, of course :)) The first month or so of finding all the correct basal rates was the most difficult for us, but things have become much smoother for us on a day to day basis. I wish you the best!

Thanks for all your support. The reason for no snacks is to try and get the basal rates correct as soon as possible… I will talk later as my kids have decided to start screaming since I go on the computer.